This morning, Trippy connoisseur Juicy J dropped the incredible video for his new single "One Of Those Nights," featuring sometimes-creepy Canadian crooner The Weeknd. While the song, which came out in mid-February, was strong enough on its own, director Sam Pilling's cold, emotionless visuals complement it perfectly, giving the song an unexpected and harsh edge.

The video, which starts out as routine Juicy J fare—bottles, drugs, pretty girls all around—turns into a melancholy murder fantasy that ends with a shooting and The Weeknd getting splattered with blood. It's just one of those nights, y'know?

Anyway, even though the final product of this video is great, at XXL we know that the team behind the production didn't get there easily. In a rare find, we came across the first (fake) draft of the treatment for the video for "One Of Those Nights." Surprisingly, it was turned down. Check it out below.