Last night, Hot 97 hosted their annual Summer Jam series and a lot went down. More specifically, what rap fans still cannot stop talking about was Papoose’s invasion of the main stage in between Kendrick Lamar and French Montana’s set.

Apparently, Papoose was not scheduled to perform. After Kendrick left the stage, allegedly TDE’s engineer and tour DJ Ali allowed Pap’s DJ to run the track, “Get At Me.” The track, which features Ron Browz, is off his current album, The Nacirema Dream. Pap also started a “Free Remy” chant, which refers to his currently incarcerated wife, Remy Ma.

After Summer Jam ended, Hot 97’s program director Ebro Darden explained the entire situation with Papoose. Here’s what he wrote on Twitter:

“I think @kendricklamar DJ let @Papooseonline DJ throw on the record. I don't even know how he got in.. Hahahaha I looked up like Kendrick got 3 more minutes?? Wait... The fuck? Fuck it.. Get Wayne, Ross, French."

He added, “Yo @Papooseonline call in tomorrow.. U thought that was dope? U think that helped get ya music hot? Let's discuss.. Send #”

Ebro and Pap went back and forth last night, with the Brooklyn MC going as far as to say Hot 97 knew about his surprise performance.

"@oldmanebro what the fck are u talking about? U know whatsup stop playing stupid. im not playing these twitter games sun u know my number stop fronting."

This morning on "The Realness," Ebro revealed who was responsible for Pap’s performance: Peter Rosenberg.

“Ok, I spoke to Kendrick’s team yesterday morning about something else, I don’t know what it was," Rosenberg recalled. "In passing, I am half asleep. He woke me up with a call. In passing, I was like, ‘Who you got? You got Jay-Z?’ We got Papoose.”

During Summer Jam, Rosenberg says he clarified with the team about Papoose being their special guest. They told Rosenberg that Pap has looked out for Kendrick since his come up and they wanted to return the favor.

It should be noted that the reaction to Pap’s performance spread rapidly on social media. For a moment, he was trending worldwide on Twitter.

UPDATE: Papoose called into Hot 97 to explain his side of the story. He also delves into his backstory with Kendrick Lamar and TDE.