Chamillionaire has maintained a steady independent career since his departure from Universal Records. After releasing two EPs—Elevate and Ammunition—on his website, the Houston veteran is planning on a new Reignfall EP for July 23.

Cham has written specific instructions on how to pre-order the album. He has provided various options for fans to choose from.

The REIGNFALL EP will release on JULY 23RD 2013. I have set the release date back about a week further than in the past to allow more time to get all of the pre-orders packaged and ready to be shipped. All of these new EP orders will be shipped through a different system than in the past and will be shipped by a company in Los Angeles. The new customer service email address for all orders is and all emails will receive a response within 24-48 hours.

You can purchase the physical copy of the Reignfall Ep or a deluxe merch package. All deluxe orders will include the following:

(1) Chamillionaire - Reignfall Ep
(1) Limited Edition Black Reignfall T Shirt
(1) Limited Edition Black Reignfall Snapback Hat
(1) Limited Edition Reignfall Bandana
(2) Limited Edition 13 x 19 Posters

Each pre-order will also include Chamillitary stickers as a bonus for customers (The stickers are not for sale).

Chamillionaire plans on releasing the tracklist soon.
[via Chamillionaire]