21 Rappers Who Need To Pen Their Autobiographies



Not only is he one of hip-hop’s most entertaining, heart-breaking and down right absurd characters, but he also has 20-plus years of hip-hop history waiting to be told.

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  • New Jack Stacks

    Lil B, Game, Master P and K Dot should be on this list. That just my opinion

    • xmikexthexwizardx

      hahaha lil b already has a book bruh its called takin’ over

    • Cocaine Howie

      K.Dot needs some more years and Lil B got one. Master P and Game I agree with tho.

  • Mike Les Battersby

    DMX already has an autobiography out its called E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX it was released in 2002

  • Jack Frost

    xxl: maybe read over your articles before you post them. might be less mistakes that way.

  • mistah dubs

    How about Dr. Dre talking about everything from starting out DJing to World Class Wrecking Crew to N.W.A. to the entire situation with Death Row and starting out Snoop and then forming Aftermath as well as jumpstarting Eminem and then all his years of producing for Shady Aftermath and G Unit to his creative struggles with Detox as well as how he made Beats by dre so successful That is like 3 books worth of material right there how was he not on the list? That would be one of the most incredible autobiographies of any celebrity