Wyclef Jean And Friends Discusses New Video For “April Showers” To Stop Gun Violence


Troy Ave

On gun violence: “Gun violence definitely has affected me personally. I’m against all unnecessary violence. That’s my message; just doing shit to be stupid is ridiculous. I’m definitely against unnecessary violence whether it be gun violence or any type of violence.”

“[The control of gun violence] has gotten way better. They got a lot of deterrents out and people still going to do what they want to do. Somebody want to come see you and want to do something to you, it’s going to get done. It’s a lot a deterrents and it got a little bit better. It also depends on where you at. What part of the city or country you at. It got better in most places. Brooklyn got better.”

On who is responsible for gun violence in America: “I think it’s definitely not the artist. I would say the parents, but I remember when I was a kid, I didn’t grow up in a messed up house. My moms had me straight. I wasn’t poverty stricken or nothing, I just chose to do bad stuff because that’s what I wanted to do. You may have a different environment in the house then you have outside with your friends.”

“I think it’s the person. Things are changing now with music. Before, it was dope to be on the street. Now they try to make it cool to be a geek or a nerd. I wouldn’t say it’s with the music I would say it’s with the individual. People are going to do what they want to do, people going to be what they want to be. If you are in a urban community you are going to make those decisions on your own. If you grow up in the suburbs. It’s different. It’s all about your environment. For example, growing up in the hood, if someone does something for you, you’re train to do something back, you’re trained to go. That’s just open Pandora’s Box for everybody to do something to you. But then you have some people who choose not to do anything.”

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