[Photo courtesy of Ahmed Klink]

The ability to make a successful career out of doing what you love is a dream everybody strives for, and the thing that Philly native Eve loved was making music. The head-strong and beautiful rapper, real name Eve Jeffers, was first introduced to the world as Ruff Ryders' First Lady, and has since (despite some ups and downs) worked hard to remain an important female force in the game.

To date, she's released three successful solo albums, been a part of a number of radio-friendly hits, and collaborated with a diverse group of artists (including The Roots and Gwen Stefani), but has struggled to find her footing after the release of her 2002 LP Eve-Olution. While waiting for Interscope to green-light the project, Eve took up acting and started her Fetish by Eve fashion line, but she's finally back after a 12-year hiatus tomorrow with Lip Lock.

During her press run through New York City, Eve sat down with XXL and opened up about her feelings about the industry, her legacy a female MC, and how excited she is to show the world her updated, positive outlook.