Twenty Great Post-Jail Release Photos From Chief Keef’s Instagram

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  • Chief-keef-instagram-4
    Chief Keef takes over Paris.
  • Chief-keef-instagram-6
    And you thought your cell phone bill was bad.
  • Chief-keef-instagram-2
    Driving with the check engine light on is never a good sign.
  • chief-keef-instagram-25
    Believe or not, that's the handiwork Keef's one-year old daughter.
  • Chief-keef-instagram-3
    That looks like it requires a special kind of license to carry it.
    That looks like it requires a special kind of license to carry it.
  • Chief-keef-instagram-7
    We get the money, but what's with the women's deodorant at the left?
  • Chief-keef-instagram-8
    It doesn't make it any safer that these are paintball guns.
  • chief-keef-instagram-23
    See? We told you.
  • Chief-keef-instagram-5
    It's like <i>Inception</i>, only with Keef's multiple iPhones.
  • Chief-keef-instagram-9
    Keef streamlining the lean making process by putting it straight into the Sprite bottle.
  • Chief-keef-instagram-1
    On January 15, 2013, Cozart was taken into custody after his video interview with Pitchfork showed Keef visiting a gun range handling a firearm. He was sentenced to two months in a juvenile detention.
  • Chief-keef-instagram-13
    Only a madman could stomach <i>that</i> much Domino's.
  • Chief-keef-instagram-11
    Could this be Keef's rumored fiancee?
  • Chief-keef-instagram-12
    Keef's found an alternate use for baby bottles.
  • chief-keef-instagram-24
    They say money talks...
  • Chief-keef-instagram-10
    But apparently weed does, too.
  • Chief-keef-instagram-15
    Uzi's on deck.
  • chief-keef-instagram-22
    Beats headphones to match your True Religion.
  • chief-keef-instagram-21
    The gas station is no place for horseplay.
  • Chief-keef-instagram-17
    Chief Keef getting Proactiv money like Diddy.

Even though it’s been only two months since his release from an Illinois juvenile detention center, Chief Keef has wasted little time rebuilding his brand. From signing to Gucci Mane’s Brick Squad 1017 to releasing a string of singles, the Chicago Drill rapper has been keeping busy with his music career. Despite his heavy musical output in the time since his release, Keef has also managed to assemble an entertaining amount of Instagram flicks.

Now, check out the 20 best images Chief Keef has put out on the social media website.

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