On this day, May 21, in hip-hop history…

1972: Today marks the 41st birthday celebration of the late Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. Wallace was rap's desperado and a glorified super-hero for the East Coast.

"Is Brooklyn in the house?" Without a doubt. And that's how it was always for the lionized rapper. Throughout his career, the BK native carried the City of Bucktown on his back like the Versace garments he would be draped in.What he was able to accomplish in such short career, solidifies why B.I.G.'s legacy  looms ever larger each year. He's the King of New York and still hold's the title as the G.O.A.T. Though he was Ready to Die, the "Brooklyn Finest" rhymeslinger's universal impact on the game manifested that there is indeed a Life After Death.  A life that continues to be celebrated and adorned.  Sure, he’s gone in the physical but, the Notorious One lives spirit.

From now till then, there'll never be 'another MC that can fill his shoes…'