The New New: 15 Seattle Rappers You Should Know


Hometown: Seattle
Twitter: @Solzilla
Notable song: “Dear Friends”
Sounds like: A conscious rhymer who touches on hip-hop staples like love, weed and life with a new and vivid perspective.
Why you need to know him: He recently returned from a 10-month trip around the world (India, South Africa, Brazil), where he gathered new insights and creative approaches to making music. Last year, Sol released Yours Truly, an independent LP that featured standout tracks “Stage Dive” and “2020.” Also, his new single “Dope” is a perfect representation of his recent journey, as he boasts a confident flow over some breezy production. The Zilla is back.

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  • Ian

    FYI, people call Seattle, “The Town” not “The City.”

    • dan

      Fixed. good call

      • Wavy Life

        The Town is Oakland

  • Wigga

    Nacho runs your whole list. Fuck everybody else

    • reese

      nah son jarv dee all the way

  • andy L

    I assume Pro Brown is too big of a name for this list but to exclude Tom Pepe of KnowMads is pretty bad!

  • disqus_CnFsb8AHIB

    No KnowMads?

  • the kid

    Surprised no GRYNCH or DYME DEF

  • Carni Vour

    No Raz Simone? No P. Brown?

  • westcoaster

    im from seattle and im trying to figure out how everyone acts like BRUCE LEROY isnt killing shit! Hes from tacoma but you got those bremerton guys up there lol…the leroy album is super dope from start to finish. s/o nacho picasso and jarv dee though. step your game up dan

  • Trel Fitted

    Yaw forgot Trel Fitted and Raz Simone

  • 253/206

    No Bruce Leroy!? Y’all are fuckin SLEEPIN!!

  • Alex

    Yeah i second that, forgot Raz Simone, Grynch, Gift Uh Gab & Dave B !

  • shmx

    all these sorry ass pop rappers, where is aaron cohen?

  • shmx

    but shouts to the homie, nacho p! b.a.y.b. moore gang!

  • NotAPancake

    Where is aaron cohen on this list

  • NotAPancake

    this is a whack ass list

  • Max Alcabes

    ha. dumb list. Aaron Cohen runs shit.

  • Asher Gola

    Where’s Aaron Cohen? Whatever. He’s probably Helen Keller to this bullshit.

  • Matt Amilli

    Y’all missing aaron cohen.

  • pbrown

    Knowmads not on this list. Thats a joke.

  • tony selin

    y’all need to hop onto that kid Bishop Nehru. He’s going that Joey Bada$$ route n mixtape is heavy

  • seattlesbest

    lol at the people everyone feels got “left off” aaron cohen? the fuck outta here..dyme def got unsigned hype like 9 years ago who gives a fuck…grynch? foh..knowmads? no body KNOWS them…muthafuckin nacho picasso is aight but at least people fuck with him. idk why bruce leroy didnt make this list …i agree with that comment but half these cats dont even have a buzz.

  • tacomasown

    no illfightyou or bruce leroy? they are from tacoma but shit they got CUTZ!!

  • all a y’all

    this is a joke! where’s my homies? and me?

  • Max

    you missed dyme def and grynch.

  • godknowledge


  • skyy

    ick go hard

  • smokey

    no gift uh gab? no physics? no bruce leroy? smh foh

  • Guest

    No Blue Scholars, Common Market, Grieves, Grynch, Scribes, or Knowmads? Good picks on Sol and Shelton Harris, didn’t really even like the rest

    • MackLeezy

      Blue Scholars and Common Market are listed as VETERANS in the first line of the second paragraph. Grieves is signed to Rhymesayers and has been touring for nearly a decade. Pay attention.

  • Kevone

    Where is Knowmads?!?! what is this?

  • Tmikee3

    Key Nyata needs to be on here!? WTF

  • Sneek Deon McDuffie

    who the fuck are these people smh!

  • pantoo

    seriously? I can’t believe Aaron Cohen isn’t on this list….

  • Mayhem

    If you ever wondered why Seattle rarely gets national attention for hip hop- Scroll down and watch the crabs in the bucket.

    Instead of complaining you or your boy didn’t make the list, send some congrats to those that did. Support your region, and help it grow.

    • Manic McGeehan

      i agree completely. i am just surprised the knowmads are nowhere to be found on that list. they have almost the exact number of fans/followers and just as big if not bigger fan base than sam lachow. i love all the Seattle artists getting the credit they deserve. im proud to be from such an amazing place. NW pride

    • Joe Possanza

      They did miss some super dope cats…Knowmads?.Grynch?.Grives?.Scribes?.Do i really got to continue?.

  • Pan2

    no Aaron Cohen??? -_-

  • Matt

    Man Wheres raz simone and the rest of Moore Gang


    good list

  • hater

    eh 15 reasons to never come to this fuckin website lol

  • Jaded Seattle Hip-Hop Listener

    If you don’t have Blue Scholars or Common Market on your top 15 Seattle rappers list, then your lists is invalid. However, it’s good to see my man Sammy LaChow gettin props… the dude can spit AND produce.

    • MackLeezy

      Both are listed in the first line of the second paragraph in the article dipshit.

    • HushHush WolfMagic

      You should listen to King HushHush. I promise he is one of the best in Washington.


    This is craaaaazy! No Aaron Cohen?! You guys must be on Crack (or maybe not). Either way, your loss #ICK

  • 36-0H


    • KKees

      JWalk is from Canada….

    • HushHush WolfMagic

      MT$ is cool i know him

  • Double__B

    XLL is literally retarded. they fucked up on the freshmen list (cheef keef and trinidad. REALLY THO?)

    and now they miss aaron cohen, dyme def, AND blue scholars? is this a joke?

  • yaboy88

    Nacho is only the start… he’s by far the biggest hometown hero on this list. Jarv Dee and Sam Lachow are also killing it. I started listening to Nacho when For the Glory came out after I saw BSBD were workin with him… dude has put in work and I’ve got a few of his shows…. the last one at neumos was insane. Dude is not gonna have a problem reaching a larger audience after what ive seen him do on the hometown level.

  • DJ LightBuzz

    Where is King HushHush.. Hands down the best in the NorthWest

    • HushHush WolfMagic

      real shit thank u

  • Keeees

    Shelton Harris & Tyler Dopps fosho, Sol is another great one on this list. Sam deserves his spot. Fresh Espresso is pretty tight too, but not Big or Small that song blows, check out Diamond Pistols by them. Brothers from Another seem cool too.

  • yourdaddy


  • HushHush WolfMagic

    Thank YOU!!!!

  • HushHush WolfMagic

    Just noticing this list..

  • Dw3leOnThi5

    king hush hush yeah u got that shit boy!

    • HushHush WolfMagic

      thank u! i got links.. click the name

  • JohnBoiii

    hush hush is a dope battler though.

    • HushHush WolfMagic

      thank u very much. i appreciated that

  • t-kitty

    wat bout NGA RLF doee dawggg.

    • HushHush WolfMagic

      never heard

  • LilWeeze #YMCMBF

    King HushHush is like a better and cleaner Nacho Picasso, he actually drops music everyday and it shits on 99.9% of that list

    • HushHush WolfMagic

      thank u real shit..

  • Lars Les Braun

    make moves

  • lamb spam

    Fatal represents Seattle’s Central District, dubbed the “Crime District.”

    That neighborhood is so rough, some people lock their doors at night.

  • Chad Rixse

    Get King HushHush on heeeree!!!

    • HushHush WolfMagic

      I agree with Chad!

      • Judy Ebenal

        yeah king hush hush actually has potential to be like an eminem or kanye west

  • Pdx BrideCity

    Bruce Leroy, Grynch, Mike Champoux, and Raz Simone.

    • Judy Ebenal

      mike champoux is nice. king hush hush is better

  • Judy Ebenal

    dude so may people sleep on king hush hush its not even funny, he should be number 1 all over this list. and he is a real real real thug type. no games.

  • SeatownBreeze

    ok who is kinghushhush ? and why is everyone talking about him?

  • SeatownBreeze

    OMG! Just saw Champion by kinghushhush! DAMN! that nigga SPITS! youtube king hush hush

    • Judy Ebenal

      amazing right?

  • YeahYouMad

    None of these guys are really any good imo, the EXACT reason why Seattle scene hasn’t popped off. Step your game up.

    • Judy Ebenal

      youtube king hushhush or soundcloud king hushhush

      • Judy Ebenal


  • WolfMagicCapo


  • JonDel

    I’m from Seattle and i’m glad to finally see a list dedicated to Seattle rappers. I really don’t care who made it and who didn’t, i’m just glad to see my city being put on the map. Ya’ll need to stop complaining and focus on the good thing: SEATTLE IS GONNA RUN THIS RAP GAME SOON.

  • Bryan Argueta

    Why isn’t Key on the list?

  • D.Manier

    Funny how when your favorite rapper or friend isn’t mentioned, somehow this list becomes invalid. It’s just 15 rappers you should know about, they can’t name everyone. Can’t a writer exercise his or her own taste without people telling them they got it wrong. Some of the suggested people in these comments are irrelevant in 2013, some are not even around anymore, and some need to put in a lot more work before they’re recognized by a national publications.

    • Dj Damo

      You got it right Devon, but if I followed what a magazine told to listen to I would be slapn tyga or drake and I have to say FUCK THEM GUYS! lol

      • Dj Damo

        *told me

  • Montykeepitreal

    The list is pretty much accurate Nacho, Jarv, Avatar and Sol is right on the head a few misses were a few like Grynch which is doing stuff with Warren G and Brother Ali, Knowmads, suprizingly not seeing the Sneakerhead nw copper in Macklemore’s video/ Cool Kids seemingly third member Logics or AyeLogics whatever his name is and Dyme Def. Much needed shine nonetheless

  • Keltic

    What about Sawchosiz?

  • mdot

    Agreed! This list is pretty accurate from Nacho, Jarv, Avatar, and Sol but they left out some key components such as Grynch, Knowmads, AyeLogics, and Dymedef but much needed shine +Kudos

  • fuck no

    shout to you lame niggas who keep postin people we never heard like aaron cohen gtfoh

    • Keltic

      hello Imposter

  • Sawchosiz

    Where i at?

  • Daniel

    Shabazz Palaces!!!

  • Akeda “KSneak” Jones

    Although a lot of great artist were left off of this list, it doesn’t define or validate their talent or their artistry. Big ups to all the great ones who did make the list though, keep doing work and putting on for the city we all love so much. For all of you who didn’t keep it up as well, don’t be discouraged. Seattle’s up next!

    Seattle’s Princess…. Ksneak <3

  • john gilbert

    Robby Techno, where is he?

  • anttoo

    no aaron cohen?

  • nucking futz

    Drako The Dragon,Gangsta Nutt,206 A$$A$$IN,King Edward The Great,Maffiette,Jesse James,Kwabe XL,Swift Tounges,Ms.Dank,Mac Wayne (blind rapper),Knuckle Head Banga,Prano Da Don,Young Trace,BloodLine Dolla $ign,J-Reed

  • lykke

    Not bad, but surprised not to see Raz Simone or Grynch up there

  • Boopthereitis

    Whoever wrote this article did not do their research. Where is Leezy Soprano? Clemm Rishad? The bubblegum fake backpack movement of hip hop apparently is represented here….

  • Dj Damo

    What about Jay Barz?

  • Dj Damo

    Or Mad Rad, Spaceman, Ripynt, Ra Scion, ….

  • U WOT M8

    Neema didn’t make it? It must be a conspiracy, or it could be that hes garbage. He and DZ are Seattle’s thirstiest rappers lol. Both have been rapping for ten plus years and just treading water.

    • Joe Possanza

      Neema will never break past what he is at…He is just host’s show now..DZ is the weakest cat ever…EVER!…

  • brikkz

    this mack E guy is dope as hell. love and support from d0dge soundcloud/brikkz

    • Joe Possanza

      Mack-E the homie..Check out our creation CYPHER MONDAYS SEATTLE if you wanna see some dope EMCEES Not on the list



  • onasuss

    Cool list, but Shabazz Palaces, BSBD and Skull & Bones would have been nice additions.

  • Gio Taylor

    like the Black Flag reference “Henry Rollins.”

  • PullinCards

    fake views

  • Gio Taylor

    Seattle has a white identity to the rest of the country; I’m speaking in terms of image. It’s hard to sell the gangsta vibe when the city is known more for Starbucks and Microsoft. I predict that if a Seattle rap sound ever blows up, it will be of the Macklemore variety.

  • cgetz33

    Raz Simone? Nacho Picasso? Gift uh Gab? Grynch? Knowmads? At least Sam, Jarv, and Darko got on

  • Miztah Zelle

    wow… yall cats going ham on this thread… smh but yes this list is way inaccurate they should have done a poll

  • Dark Force!

    Shit J-Factor from the 509 side of washington state Tri-Cities is better then all these rappers! he’ll lyrically tear em up!

  • 206proof

    Awesome list. I def would have put Physics, Dyme Def, Lokeye, Aaron Cohen, and The Bad Tenants up on there though. Push it out to 20.

  • Joe Possanza

    King Bishop Bars……

  • seattlebornandraised

    Wow, awesome that this list exists & I can’t believe XXL came out with it. I do feel that whomever really made this list is obviously not from Seattle because they missed some key Seattle rappers. GRYNCH. whatever though.

  • Ursa

    Good list i believe but THEE satifaction i am suprised they aren’t up there… oh course XXL is male dominated!

  • Twuan

    Shit, for real, where’s Grynch, Knowmads and Blue Scholars?!

  • Twuan

    Jarv Dee is tight though, that was a good find.

  • anon

    The Physics should be on here.

  • BETony


  • guest


  • Mac-A-Dosha1

    Northwest all day

  • reese

    jarv dee the dopest go check out “high expectations” and “i just wanna”

  • reese

    nj fuckin with jarv dee sam lachow an mack e fo sho

  • Sliiim Z

    where the fuck is Swisher Sleep

  • Alpha Platoon Mcees

    Suntonio Bandanaz #RapHard for the TOWN

  • itsmulla

    Wheres Mulla

  • TerrenceNR90s

    Where is Dex Amora or J’Von

  • Wavy Life

    Who the fuck is Aaron Cohen?

  • Joel
  • RealMr Louderpack

    i would check out mrlouderpack fuck the people hatin on areas SEAATTLE IS THE Place every type of person is here

  • Solar Ent

    Tired of wack beats? For all you artist that are trying to get serious this is a good place to start for originals so you can make money. Real money! SEATTLE