Mannie Fresh Says Lil Wayne And Drake Are Great, But “Not Big Tymers”

Earlier this month, Lil Wayne and Birdman announced a new Big Tymers would be in the works with Drake. Yes, you read that right. Longtime fans of Big Tymers can expect that Mannie Fresh will not be involved.

Today, MTV RapFix had special guest Mannie Fresh via Skype. When asked about his thoughts on the new Big Tymers, he says it wouldn’t be the same without him.

“It’s kinda like doing a Jackson 5 album with Boyz II Men. Two different eras, great artists, but Boyz II Men is not the Jackson 5,” Fresh said.

Fresh doesn’t necessarily have a problem with Birdman or any of the artists signed to YMCMB. He just wanted to make it known that credit should be given to him for his legacy.

“I don’t bash Cash Money, Birdman, or none of them. It’s really on, I’m just striving on just getting what I deserve, you know, what I put in,” he said. “Honestly I think Drake is a great artist, I think Wayne is a great artist, but they not the Big Tymers.”

Pretty much the gist of Mannie’s statement is he’s happy with his career now. However, he feels that Cash Money moving on with a Big Tymers reunion needs to have him involved.

[via MTV News]

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  • BrianRaider

    Hope They Get Back Together!

  • Demetrius Meatdaman


  • chilli tymer

    they should do a new project, mannie should cut his losses come wit some dope music and get at the birdman right, wit move forward mentality, and show us what big tymer means to the world
    one love

  • Jason Oyer

    They call themselves business men!?!? Here Birdman- I want 10% for this business plan, I am generously laying on your lap. Get things back and right with Mannie. Then make a Carter 5 or 6 with nothing but Mannie Beats. It will sell like HUD homes. Think about it, everyone knows Waynes success in the earlier years came from Mannies beats. Lets switch it back on them for an album. How in the hell do they not know this would make a fortune. I want my money!!