21 Pictures Of Rihanna With Rappers

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  • RiDrake2
    The face that launched a thousand Ace of Spades bottles.
  • RiASAP
    A$AP Rocky takes a hands-on approach with his tourmate.
  • RiJay
    Second baddest chick in the game signed under his name.
  • RiKanye
  • RiRoss
    This is how rich people get astigmatism.
  • RiTI
    Not pictured: the "Numa Numa" kid that made "Live Your Life" famous.
  • RiEm
    She switched out her "Rude Boy" for a b-boy.
  • RiSnoop
    Snoop and Rihanna enjoying a ginormous fatty.
  • RiWiz
    Another smokey selfie, this time with Wiz Khalifa.
  • RiNicki
    Scrooge McDuckface
  • RiJeezy
    Jeezy admiring Rihanna's ballistics.
  • RiKhaled
    DJ Khaled breaking his "no new friends" rule.
  • RiFab
    Fabolous - he's a bit of a close talker.
  • RiCom
    Common used to love H.E.R., but then he met Rihanna
  • RiMike
    Mike WiLL Instagrammed it.
  • RiWill
    will.i.am can't take Taboo out in public places because he'll ruin all his photo ops.
  • RiBieb
    Rihanna and Katy Perry are the bread in a Justin Bieber sandwich
  • RiFrank
    She watch Channel Orange.
  • RiRoyce
    Royce Da 5'9" puts J.R. Smith's Twitter game to shame.
  • RiKardi
    Kardinall Offishall capitalizes on his Caribbean connections.
  • Ri2Pac
    Even in the after life, 2Pac is still pulling chicks.

Yesterday, the world of music was rocked when news broke that Rihanna and Chris Brown had finally called it quits. It was surely a tragic day for the dozens – and that’s a generous estimate – of people out there that genuinely care. But the news got XXL‘s staff thinking – isn’t this something we really should’ve seen coming? We’ve all heard the rumors of love triangles between Drake, RiRi and Chris, but we suspect that Drizzy’s not the only one. That being said, here’s 21 photos of Rihanna with Breezy’s rap game peers.

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  • McLean

    Everyone (done had a piece of that son)

  • bottletop

    Ha ha Royce da 5’9″