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It feels like Moroccan-born rhymer French Montana has been in the rap game for too long to just now be releasing his debut album, but in an era of artists who find success after years of steady grinding (Macklemore is 30, Danny Brown's 31, and 2 Chainz is a healthy 35), it's not too surprising that Frenchie's finally released his highly-anticipated Excuse My French today, just a few months before his 29th birthday.

If hip-hop is a young man's game, despite his age French has worked hard to fit in with the young guns (often referencing club drugs and trap music, and embracing ratchet production a la Young Chop and the Beat Bully). He's also an incredible charmer who makes up for whatever he lacks in lyrical dexterity with perfect punchlines.

Here, after a celebratory retrospective look back at Frenchie's best songs (including features, hooks and solo tracks), we've compiled a list of French's 25 best lyrics. Some are funny and some are dark, but they all showcase Montana's uniquely clever wordplay and delivery. Click through the gallery to check them out…

"All Gold Everything (Remix)"


"Man, I pull up to the bank, 2-liter full of drank/Shaquille up in the paint, a dealer on my link/I popped a molly, can't sleep/I popped a molly, can't eat."

"Bands A Make Her Dance (Remix)"


"Bands a make her dance, 20s make her glance, 50s make her flip, 100s make her give me head… Show me what you twerkin' with, 20 bottles, 30 models, 40 burners bitch!"



"Ain't nothin' more important than the mula/Diamond rings, hundred chains, Slick Rick the ruler!"


French Montana: Rip Paul walker. Shit real out here

"Dope Man"


"Money make the world turn, 100s make it stop/You could build empires, hoes make it drop… Homie did 20 years, tried to live with honor/Came home, had to live with his momma/This be the realest shit I ever wrote/Let the truth be told, all niggas know how to do is sell dope."

"All Birds"

French Montana

"Bout to double up, some Mason Betha shit/Huddle up, roundtable, King Arthur shit/Shorty ass fat, she can't stand straight/Spent your down-payment on my landscape."



"They got keys from the West, I'm hittin' Key West/That's a motherfucker, Delonte West."

"9 Times Out of 10"


"Throw up 50 like nothin', 'cause bitch I'm worth 20 Ms/Brick-throwing got your bitch jumping like Sean Penn."

"Addicted (Remix)"


"What up Cassie baby, when I land I'm gonna hop it/Addicted like that cocaine they be folding in that dollar/That special K, that heroine, got two watches and my eight chains/Got phone crazy about two places, that spaceship like Bruce Wayne."



Definition: Showing off; showing what you've got

"Pop That"


"Ass so fat, need a lap dance/I'm in that white ghost chasing Pac-Man/Hundred out the lot, I be leaning on that Ciroc/Hundred large, bring a mop."

"Bugatti (Remix)"


"Woke up with the crown, nigga/Serving Bobby Brown, nigga/Started from the bottom now it's caught up, Nino Brown nigga… Fidel Castro with them Cuban links/With Mark Cuban where them Cubans link."

"Stay Schemin'"


"Fanute the coupe to that ghost, dog/Pigeons on the roof like Ghost Dog/Dwight Howard on the post, dog/My niggas got powder through the post, dog."





"My eyes blurry in the clear port/We making movies, nigga, grab a chair for it."

"Work (Remix)"


"That ain't Kanye, that's Montana/Loose cannon, he shot me so I had to do it… Baby don't pray for me, pray for the weak/I'm drinking lean, it help me sleep."

"I Be Puttin' On"

*7. French Montana ft. Rick Ross, Drake & Lil Wayne "Pop That," Excuse Me (2012)

"Self-made, self-paid, forty on my belt waist/Hundred pound lobster feast, get a shell face/I be twisted off the molly doe, chopped bricks karate doe/Closet two floors, got safari dough."

"Light Up (Freestyle)"

French Montana

"You overnight homie, let the real tell it/75 years, nigga fuck with real felons/Hood phenomenons, same niggas shot me up/Same niggas broke fast with Ramadan/I be insane if I think this shit's the same/Close friends, enemies, everyone's the same/I'm sayin', this is how I treat 'em/Fuck a bitch, if it ain't money I don't need it."

"Mac & Cheese Intro"

Screen shot 2012-06-02 at 2.38.42 PM

"When you're ballin' everybody want a part, nigga/But even your shadow gon' leave you when it's dark, nigga/Can't beat it, I'm what the game needed/Told my nigga Boss Don 'Go on take it to trial, beat it.'" 

"Shot Caller"


"Went solo on that ass, sold it on the ave/All white navy blue Polo with the hat/I go "RAWR" like a thunder dragon/From the South Bronx, home of the original clappers."

"I'm A Coke Boy"


"Coke boys flooded New York blocks way before Sandy/Fully loaded Benz stash, fully loaded jammy/Leaning towards Obama, but could've went for Romney/Flyest new nigga, JFK is where you'll find me."


"Everything's A Go"


"Daaaaaamn is what the hoes say/You got the juice, man? Call me O.J./That's macaroni, guacamole/And you a cock block, a sock goalie."

"Lay Low"


"Philly bitch from Philippine/She feel the watch, feel them shots, I feel the bean."