Chief Keef Responds To Katy Perry’s Tweet

chief_keef_10 Oh Keef, you never cease to amaze us. On Tuesday, Katy Perry got her first listen of Keef’s “Hate Being Sober,” taking to her Twitter account to say “Just heard a new song on the radio called “I hate being sober” I now have serious doubt for the world.” Well it looks like word got back around to Sosa, who didn’t take too kindly to Perry’s commentary. Check out Keef’s vulgar response below.

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  • uno


  • frac

    new katy perry song “teenage testosterone”

  • Nas

    Lmao Chief Keef funny as hell. But he needs to realize everybody isn’t going to like his stuff. Katy is wrong as well, she didn’t have to say that. I’m pretty sure she hears a lot of wack shit, so why diss Chief Keef? Looking forward to that song he making about her tho lol.

  • Jeff Hebert

    dude is a fkn joke. If you understand everything he says you must be fluent in “i speak wit a dick n my mouth” language. Dude has no substance in his music except drug references which hopefully will end him and we wont have to hear his stupid shit some of yall call music.

    • Nas

      He make Drill music. If you’re looking for music with substance you’re looking at the wrong rapper/sub genre. And if you don’t like him don’t listen. I don’t like French Montana but you will never see me on anything French Montana related.

  • e

    She didn’t even diss him? She just heard that song on the radio and tweeted about it, this is ridiculous

  • diane

    hes so perfect w gucci

  • chiefqueef

    who cares what some 16 year old goon thinks… people idolize celebrities way too much and put them above everyone else

  • KP

    fuck katy perry how is I kissed a girl better then keif at least he is real and not a fake money grabben ass hoeeeeee

  • Alec Mabini

    he’s butt hurt
    …by Katy Perry

  • Alec Mabini

    he’s butt hurt
    … by Katy Perry


  • VagEating Wetface

    “that bitch katy perry, that’s that bitch i don’t like” chief keef got kindergarten rhymes for days

  • Jeordan Hamilton

    He’s a damn idiot. Katy didn’t like his song but so what? When you’re involved in a music career, criticism is apart of it. Not everyone’s gonna like your music and if he can’t deal with that then he’s in the wrong game

  • Chronick

    This is why I hate Chief Keef.. He ain’t shit but keeps running his fucking mouth. and now he talking shit to Katy Perry when he has better things to do. Woah he’s a tough guy, what the fuck does he care bout her? Also, Katy is right, she should have serious doubt for the world because he’s whack.

  • k

    i’m not sure why Katy Perry of all people gets to comment that there’s doubt in the world with her song catalog.

  • Paige Caulum

    um she did a song called “i kissed a girl and i liked it”, how is that any better?

  • T.

    This nigga butthurt like shit

  • Swagger

    If you don’t like Katy than get off and leave her because you might not like her but a lot of other kids do so get lost or get a real life mate.

  • Swagger

    Hey chief kerf just to let you know you should not put up shit like this when you have a little girl because when she grows up and see this she is gonna be like WTF my dad is a ass hole about this shit he says stuff about this chick I think is a roll model but if you take this stupid website down then she might love you forever and you might end up being one of you cute little child’s roll models and she will grow up nice like you with put all the bull shit web site you have here,because some day she will hate you probs for life and think of all the loverly girls out there and be like my dads a bully to a nice and loving girl called Katy perry or who ever else you bully about what they do or what they like .from a 13 year old ūüė†and just to let you know right now a lot of people hate you and for now I do to until you pull down this shit website u got mate