Chief Keef Makes $13,000 A Month


Most of us know that Chief Keef is getting money. His Instagram stream is filled with him counting money, playing with money, using money as fake cell phones, everything. However, Keef now has start paying for child support to a teenage girl who had a baby with him back in middle school.

TMZ has obtained court documents, which note that Keef gets about $13,000 a month. This isn’t too shocking, especially since Keef has his own line of Beats Electronic titled “Beats By Keef” releasing soon.

With his growing income, a judge has ordered him to pay up. He is ordered to pay $2,600 a month, plus $500 in day care expenses. That’s not all: He also has to pay $10,400 in neglected child support. Good thing Keef can afford this because that’s a lot of dough.

[via TMZ]

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  • Jimmy Nelson

    Yo “Boss” take care of it.

  • HustlaDaRabbit

    How is that “a lot of dough?” That’s $156,000 a year. The way he blows his money, he’s probably got about $300 in the bank.

    No seriously, XXL writers think $13,000 a month is a lot? Damn homies, get a better job.

    • JetSkiJohnson

      its a lot towards the avg worker.

  • Ricky Smiley Mays

    He wouldnt pay that much money in child support if he aint make it his baby mama would do shit if he aint have no money but call him a deadbeat dad thats why I cant stand my own race black females aint shit not all of them just about 80% and the other 20% is older females like my OG that was rasied in the ol school. His BM aint doing shit with that money but going 2 get gucci and louie with that money thats who the judge should make him write the check 2 cause they the one’s getting his money smh.

    • Avery Breakdowns Besselievre


  • Doc Bill

    160,000 is plenty for a teenager but if he out there blowing money and shit then it is a done deal.


    I was gonna put money that as a teen he didn’t have a baby mama though *shrugs* MIDDLE SCHOOL THOUGH! :-/

  • Mr Fact Killa

    none of us making a 156000, if we was we woulnt be wasting our time reading keef, yall jealous lames. also as a man this is the repercussion of having a child out of wedlock, it a FN pain. If 80% females bad today and 20% ol skol style; that means 80% of men back in the day was bad (like your father) which messed up our women today (build your women up dont tear them down you lame work for change dont just complain)

  • justindian

    is the writer being sarcastic?