Bigger Than Hip-Hop: 22 Unexpected Celebrity Hip-Hop Heads


At one point in time, hip-hop music wasn’t the major musical force that it is today; it was a fad relegated to the South Bronx, where DJs cut between drum breaks for a young crop of dancers to spin on their head to in the park. Flash forward 40 years, and hip-hop has become one of the most recognized forms of popular music. With that expansion, the genre’s gained millions of new fans from all walks of life.

Now, XXL has decided to investigate some of hip-hop’s most surprising devotees. From A-list actors to all-star athletes, it’s a testament to how big hip-hop has become.

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  • Ryan DeLeon Martinez

    Robert downey Jr thats whats up..

  • k

    so is this just a list of white people who like hip hop, and actors who rap? SMH.

  • Adrian Banks

    Where’s Michael Rapaport? He’s a bigger hip hop head than all these combined.

  • tod

    damn, you’ve got an awfully loose definition of ‘hiphop head’