Big Pimpin’: 20 Pics Of Snoop Dogg Looking Like A Pimp

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  • Snoop11
    It's like an Old Spice commercial, only more expensive and not as fresh smelling.
  • Snoop20
    Every pimp keeps an XBox on hand to keep the ladies entertained.
  • Snoop18
    It's like looking at Cruella DeVille, is only she were a pimp.
  • Snoop14
    The pimpmobile, the most audacious of any pimp.
  • Snoop4
    Shortly after, that gator became a classy pair of loafers.
  • Snoop6
    About the only good thing in <em>Bones</em> was Snoop pimp game.
  • Snoop8
    The outfit's low key, but the bunny buddies are definitely not.
  • Snoop7
    The Dynamic Duo of Pimpin'
  • Snoop1
  • Snoop2
    Magic Bishop Don Juan looking like WWF's Golddust.
  • Snoop16
    Just imagine if you could these two talk shop...
  • Snoop3
    Katt Williams preparing for his role as A Pimp Named Slickback
  • Snoop17
    From Diddy's neighbor to Snoop's weed carrier, Ben Stiller's had a pretty strange career.
  • Snoop5
    Iciest cummerbund in the game.
  • Snoop9
    "Hoes hoes hoes!"
  • Snoop10
  • Snoop19
    Bringing back that DJ Quik perm.
  • Snoop12
    Snoop combining his two favorite things - pimpin' and puffing - under one fur Kangol.
  • Snoop13
    <em>The Wizard of Oz</em> pimpin.' (Courtesy of Terry Richards)
  • Snoop15
    Mind you, this is 2013 Snopp Dogg - not even Rastafari can kill his inner pimp.

Yesterday, Snoop Dogg threw fans for a loop when he confirmed that his pimp persona was less of a rap get-up and more of a full-blown side hustle. And Snoop wasn’t a simp of a pimp, either; according to the D-O-G-G, he was working with an exclusive celebrity clientele base throughout. While we’re not 100% convinced that Snoop is telling the total truth – no real pimp ever said “It was never about the money” – it definitely explains a lot about his late ’90s, early 2000′s attire. Now, let’s take a look back at Snoop’s most pimptastic moments.

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