Earlier this week, news broke that Southern rap legend André 3000's mother—Sharon Benjamin-Hodo—passed away at the age of 58. Her death unfortunately occurred just a day after 3 Stacks' 38th birthday, making for a truly bittersweet week for 'Dre. While Andre has always been vocal about his love and adoration for his family—shouting them out in songs and interviews—after doing some research into the lyrics of some of our favorite rappers we found that it wasn't just Stacks who loved his mom and wanted everyone to know it. From Canibus to J. Cole to Saigon, here's a list of rappers' lyrics about their moms.

Snoop Dogg - "I Love My Momma" No Limit Top Dogg (1999)

Intro Snoop Lion

"I made you cry, you made me smile/I just wanna say I love you for life, and that's the reason why I'm here now."


Mac Miller - "I'll Be There" Best Day Ever (2011)


"I just hope she know I love her, the world's best mother/Yeah it ain't fair, so I'ma take care of her and her gray hair/When I get rich, I'll have her living how she should be/No stress, no worries."

Drake - "Look What You've Done" Take Care (2011)


"They love your son, man, that boy gone/You get the operation you dreamed of and I finally send you to Rome/I get to make good on my promise/It all worked out girl, we shoulda known, 'cause you deserve it."

Beanie Sigel - "Mom Praying" The Reason (2001)


"Don't cry mama, your baby boy done weathered the storm/And I found peace, right here in your arms."

Iggy Azalea - "Work" (2013)


"Do anything for my mama, I love you/One day I'll pay you back for the sacrifice that you managed to muscle/Sixteen, you sent me through customs."

Kanye West - "Hey Mama" Late Registration (2005)


"A livin' legend too, just look at what heaven do/Sent us an angel, and I thank you…hey mama."

Goodie Mob - "Guess Who" Soul Food (1995)


Childish Gambino - "Outside" Camp (2011)

3. Childish Gambino

"Dad lost his job, momma works at Mrs. Winner's/Gun pulled in her face, she still made dinner/'Donald, watch the meter so they don't turn the lights off'/Working two jobs so I can get into that white school."

Saigon - "If (My Mommy)" Warning Shots (2006)


"If this world were mind, I would place it at your feet/All that I own, you've been so good to me."

Brand Nubian - "Momma" Fire In The Hole (2004)


"I always loved my momma (she's my favorite girl)/And I always loved my momma (she brought me in this world)/See I always loved my momma (she taught me right from wrong)/'Cause I always loved my momma (you only get one, you only get one)."


Nick Cannon: Rest in Peace to a true light, Paul Walker. To be absent from the body is to be present with The Lord

E-40 - "I Love My Momma" Revenue Retrievin' (2011)


"Nobody like you, there's nobody else that I place above you/That's why I dedicate this song to you… I love you momma!"

Canibus - "Get Retarded"

Canibus_Bad Beat

"When I bomb shit, I get retarded; probably more than you bargained / I'm talking about rip a mic off your arm shit / Hype shit, blow up a mic shit, you might get / Beat the fuck up in broad daylight with a nightstick."

Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli*

Tupac showed the evolution of an artist in a short time. He was everything to us. Girls wanted him; guys wanted to be him. The revolutionary influence in his upbringing informed his music so much that, even at his most ignorant, it was provocative and powerful.

Big Sean - "Love Story" (2009)


"So tell Mama Sandy, Mama Myra and that family/That when I get that Grammy, they gon' be a granny/And if I see that reaper before you see that reaper/Just know that I love you every time you hear me through them speakers."

J. Cole ft. Trey Songz “Can’t Get Enough” Cole World: The Sideline Story (2011)

Kid Cudi - "Soundtrack 2 My Life" Man On the Moon: The End Of Day (2009)


"On Christmas time, my mom Christmas grind/Got me most of what I wanted, how'd you do it mom?"


"I wish you were here, I miss you more each second I breathe/You resting in peace forever, I accepted you free/A blessing to me, I see you dressed in all white/Smiling at me, happy knowing everything is alright."

Rocko - "My Family" Gift of Gab (2012)


"Mama say she hot, air conditioner just went out/Said 'Fuck it,' went and bought another spot."