Young Guru Names Five Best Audio Engineers In Music

Young Guru

It’s a warm April night at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. Nearly a hundred students have packed themselves into a bare-bones lecture hall for veteran engineer Young Guru’s “Era Of The Engineer” lecture series. Presented by Grammy U, the series finds the three-time Grammy nominee discussing the importance of engineering in the music business and his work with the likes of Jay-Z, T.I. and the Diplomats.

“It’s really about highlighting what the engineer does,” he said of the series. “The engineers have not really been highlighted throughout the years, so for me, it’s really a thing of making sure people understand the role of the engineer.”

Before the presentation officially kicked off, XXL sat down with Guru to discuss his five favorite music engineers of all time. From jazz veterans to his hip-hop contemporaries, Guru breaks down who he thinks stand next to himself as the master of the boards. —Sean Ryon (@wallysean)

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  • nossirr

    no dr dre?!? fuk outta here guru.. dre completely revolutionized hip hop engineering on 3 separate occasions (chronic, 2001 and again marshal mathers lp/grdt) and ultimately all of pop engineering.. dr dre is the one responsible for the loudness wars and the entire approach to engineering used by just about everyone today…

    • rEaltAlk

      what if I told you that audio engineer is not the same thing as producer?

      • Antler Toro

        I think Dre engineers his music as well.

  • frank hewell

    i agree with Tony masserati. I like Chris Lord Alge and Eddie Kramer also. Theres so many legit guys out here. Dr Dre isnt top 10 in ‘music’ maybe in ‘hip-hop.’ But cats like joeseph jack puig and others… thats music