Even though he's been a father for less than two months, Wiz Khalifa has already made up mind about whether he'll let his newborn son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz smoke weed with him.

In a recent interview with Street Sweeper Radio, Wiz spoke on whether he would smoke that sticky-icky with his son. However, Khalifa stipulated that he would only allow his son to smoke if he were at an appropriate age, and that if it was his own decision.

"[I'll smoke with him] when he's old enough, if it's legal," he said. "I'm not planning on doing it while he's a baby. I put out a picture of him in some weed socks and people started tripping, like I'ma be smoking weed with him, but if my son reps hot, it's all good. He's not gonna smoke until if he makes those decisions himself, but weed's not that bad so it's all good. He's gonna run into it when he gets [older]...it helps more than it hurts. I'd rather him be smoking weed than drinking alcohol."

Earlier today, a stream of Wiz and Curren$y's long-awaited Live In Concert EP was made available.

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