The Making of Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge’s “Twelve Reasons to Die”


Perfecting The Album’s Sound:

RZA: To be honest with you, sometimes I’m superbly accurate, laser beam sharp but sometimes I also let the natural flow go. But in this particular case, it’s important for Adrian to have this flawless. I think we got a good piece of product. I think the fans who get it is gonna enjoy it. It’s gonna be worth the price of the mission, as you said. In order for it to be flawless I wanna do whatever I can to help out. But he has to be so satisfied that he put out a piece of product as a producer that continues his criteria and it raises the bar for him.

Like look at Ghostface. Ghostface already got flawless material out there. But Adrian is building his catalog. So this is very important for him to make sure that this next step is a strong foundation step and he’s doing it. I got a lot of faith in him. I’m actually talking to Adrian about working together on a song for the Wu album. That’s how much faith I have on his sound, his creativity.

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