After criticizing Rick Ross and Lil Wayne earlier this week, Talib Kweli spoke to Hot 97 to clarify his comments.

Kweli recently spoke to Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds about his previous statements regarding Wayne's Emmett Till lyric and Ross' date rape lyric. The Brooklyn rhymer said he has no qualms about critiquing either artist, but added that both deserved to be embraced by the hip-hop community.

"I'm not no authority on Rick Ross or Lil Wayne or anybody else," Kweli says. "I don't make no demands. I don't have no power over these men. But I state my opinion just like anybody else. All these artists that have lyrics that offend people, especially Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, I'm a fan of both of these men. I know both of these men. I'm friendly with both of these men. I have no issues with these people as artists. I think we should embrace our artists. But if people say something that I don't agree with, I have no problem saying that it's wrong. I do think that Ross was wrong on those lyrics."

He added, "When it comes to Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, a lot of so-called Hip Hop fans just don't like them in general. So they're looking for other reasons to not like them. Whereas they'll accept rape lyrics from a Biggie Smalls, or an Eminem or an Odd Future. They look at that and they'll condone that but they won't condone it from rappers whose music they don't like."

Check out the full interview above.