Rick Ross and Meek Mill Lyrics Lead to Police Bust of More Than 60 Harlem Gang Members


A group of Harlem gangsters were arrested when they boasted about their illegal activities on social media networks. Some of their comments were lyrics to songs from Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

According to an indictment released earlier today, members of Air It Out, True Money, Whoaday and the True Money Bosses took to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to coordinate their moves.

“God forgives I don’t … somebody gotta die,” one alleged member of the gang “Air It Out.”

“I’m 2 Glocks strapped, rolling down 112th Madison, 116 this is the New Iraq,” boasted another alleged AIO member.

“I’ll give u $300 if u clap a Trill or Whoadey before October,” another alleged Air It Out gangster said.

The gang members were charged with numerous assaults, three murders, 30 shooting accounts, gun possession and trafficking. Charges range from felony conspiracy to murder in the first degree, to fourth degree criminal weapon possession.

“Today’s indictments chronicle a bloody gang war that claimed the lives of at least three teenagers, led to the shooting of dozens of individuals and put bounties on people’s heads,”said Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance. “Since October 2009, 68 shootings have occurred in the swatch of East Harlem that these gangs all call home. Forced to live among this senseless violence is the silent majority–innocent families who live in fear of getting shot while trying to go about their daily lives. Today’s cases are a part of my Office’s ongoing efforts, working with the NYPD, to strategically target areas that claim a highly disproportionate share of violence in Manhattan.”

He continued, “There is a lot of social networking and investigation using the Internet that all of us use now in law enforcement. The Internet is our 21st Century crime scene.”

[via HipHopWired]

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  • http://twitter.com/GangstaCharles charles franklin

    dumbass niggas!!!!!

    • blastah

      and it is a good thing these subhumans lack intelligence. The more we incarcerate these animals the better off society will be.

      • The Timeless Mirror

        Society created these “subhumans” and you are just as much of a “subhuman” as any of these misplaced humans.
        People like you are the reason our world is going down the drainhole, not because someone does evil things,but because “smart” people like yourself ALLOW STUFF TO HAPPEN

        • troll

          I’m sure a college professor or chemistry teacher would have no problem convincing a guy standing on a corner selling rocks not to shoot someone if he decided to. No problem at all.

  • Merce Maddux


  • Michele82

    Good because I’m visiting Harlem this weekend and ain’t nobody got time for that lol


    Can someone please explain to me why these Hip Hop websites always use misleading/false headlines to get people to read these stories?!?! Whether you are a fan of MMG or not when you 1st read the headline they make it seem like Ro$$ & Meek spit some lyric’s that told/snitched on someone, at least that’s the way I interpeted it! Am i wrong?

    • http://www.facebook.com/cdfortune1 Christopher DeSean Fortune

      i thought the same thing this is obviously a ploy to keep his name buzzing…i could give a f**** s/o to 954 and the real dade county…

    • http://twitter.com/RitchBitch215 Ritchie B

      yYou right!!! WTF MMG Got to do with these dudes? It seems like they used their lyrics as code but fucked it all up!!! SMH

  • D. Rose in the paint

    Stop trying to be Chicago

  • Guest

    false headlines this make it seem like rick ross snitched on them. FUCK U XXL FUCK U XXL!

  • young jopey

    misleading story idiot writers



  • bullshit

    the headline is misleading, as it has absolutely nothing to do with the story. enjoy your hits. with enough GD’s already after Ross, how do you think this “story” will play out? you’ve potentially just angered a bunch more gang members to go gunning for Ross and Meek, as you’ve just made them scapegoats. you are totally irresponsible, and hardly a writer.

  • LiveurlifeThisyear

    UR FREEDOM, YOU’VE JUST incurred major LOSSES!!!
    REAL Gz shouldn’t B reppin’ lines from FAKE BOSSES!!!



  • tyrone

    misleading headline…lettor to editor please make appropriate redaction/correction. very misleading

  • jjay

    fuck up bitches. lyin on the title. niggas cathchin heat off someone lies



  • GregSIDE

    thats a bull shit headline. either way… Fucc Ross. G’s up!

  • Twin

    Damn XXL bout 2 get somebody shot wit this jank…