Kill Them All: The 15 Best Odd Future Songs

Earl Sweatshirt – “Earl”

It’s amazing to think this video came out three years ago. This Harmony Korine-ish clip was what put OF on the map and looks like an awesome time with your friends, if you have an awesome time drinking drug cocktails, sitting in barber shops by yourself, and skating around suburban Southern California with your friends.

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  • Tayo

    This list is horrible

  • 12354

    how could you not include anything from wolf……or earl’s new shit?

  • abunchofgibberish

    AssMilk: “This track would be perfect, if only there wasn’t that obnoxious, flow-stopping cut-away halfway through the track.”

    So *that’s* why this list sucks so bad: the person making it clearly doesn’t “get” OF.