Down South: The 10 Hottest Rappers in South Africa


South Africa’s hip-hop industry has been on the rise since the days of mid-’90s crew Prophets of Da City, the country’s first major hip-hop group. Today, SA is enjoying a golden era of hip-hop, celebrating the freshest and realest MCs in the country. Here we’ve compiled a list of the nation’s top current MCs in the limelight, while remembering the birth of hip-hop in South Africa and paying homage to the great game-changers who created and cleared a path for hip-hop to become what it is today in “Mzansi” (The South).

MCs such as Amu, SPEX, Pitch Black Afro, HHP and groups such as Skwatta Kamp and H20, as well as contributors like Lance Stehr—who started South Africa’s first hip-hop label, Ghetto Ruff Records—all played major roles in putting South African hip-hop on the map and inspiring the new artists of today. With the credit given where it’s certainly due, it’s clear that the competition between SA’s MCs is thick and can continually be debated upon, but here’s the list of XXL‘s top 10 finest MCs in South Africa.–Compiled and written by Rudzani “RooAt” Netshiheni (@Roo_AT)

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  • Speech Cape Town

    “South Africa’s hip-hop industry has been on the rise since the days of mid-’90s crew Prophets of Da City”

    Get your facts right mofo, POC have been in existance since the early 80′s prolly before you were born, you Johannesburg fuck

  • M. Bison

    U know u crazy right? Ab-Crazy and L-Tido dont belong on this list. There’s some other shaky rappers you have included but those two are definitely out….

    What about Khanyi Mavi, Solomon (of Big Fukin Gun), Mr Beef, Siya Shezi, Pava Gunz, Da Les and so many others?

    This is the problem that arises when an international publication gives a narrow-minded voice a chance to speak on behalf of a nation….

    • the truest

      lol pava gunz is a battle kat with no hope of having a rap career. out of all the people you mentioned only khanyi is nice, da les is a has been..

  • HYPeNOTIC DE Kasi Rapper

    Where is PRO in this list!…how do you expect us to take this serious????……you don’t know S.A hip hop!!….it lives in the dusty streets of our townships…and if you did your research you’ll probably have put up a better list!!

  • Von Tae’

    All rappers from Africa hit me up! I’m an award nominated artist and I’m looking to collab with some rappers from South Africa ASAP for my upcoming promo album!

  • bongs

    Landmarq? shovel?

  • Urban Rebel

    these mother…ckerz don’t belong here except 4 the two motif rec. artists mxm this country is bullshit!

  • Urban Rebel

    you motherfuckerz are so motherfuckin miss inforfmed about the SA hip hop scene, Fuck XXL

  • @youngNovaDC

    Its a shame really ?XXL ? Really ?

  • sv

    yeah M.B u ryt mothaf*cka, plz help me ive been lukn for local beef live battle to download cant find anythng xpt L.Tido vs AKA
    plz help