Cash Money Records has continued to expand and thrive in other markets, recently working with Atria Books in a joint venture to release urban entertainment and literature. Its latest release comes from author Wahida Clark, one of only four urban authors to appear on the New York Times Bestselling Urban Author list, and the only urban list author on the list to have previously served time.

Clark, who was released from prison in 2007, has written 11 books to date - all of which are fun, jaw-dropping, cautionary tales for the hip-hop generation. Her latest release, Honor Thy Thug is a story that "follows favorite ride or die couple, Trae and Tasha, as they fight to hold on to their volatile relationship which is closer to exploding with each passing day." Honor hits bookshelves today.

For more information on the book and other upcoming projects,, check out Cash Money Content's website here.