Yo Dawg: The 20 Best Xzibit ‘Pimp My Ride’ Memes

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    Everyone remembers the good old days when X to the Z hosted the ridiculous tune-up show Pimp My Ride on MTV. The show basically followed Xzibit as he showed up at strangers' houses and surprised them with the news that he'd be "pimping" their busted ride, and usually everyone got very excited about it. He would then take the car to his boys' shop and fix it up with ridiculous things that no one would ever needed (i.e. a fish tank, a turntable, a blender), and present it to the owner, and they'd usually pretend to be very excited about it. Well, since Xzibit's favorite way to deliver the good news was by saying "Yo dawg!" first, the show started a meme. Here we've collected the 20 best Xzibit 'Pimp My Ride' meme images. Enjoy, dawg.
  • YoDawg1
  • YoDawg2
  • YoDawg3
  • YoDawg4
  • YoDawg5
  • YoDawg6
  • YoDawg7
  • YoDawg8
  • YoDawg9
  • YoDawg10
  • YoDawg11
  • YoDawg12
  • YoDawg13
  • YoDawg14
  • YoDawg15
  • YoDawg16
  • YoDawg17
  • YoDawg18
  • YoDawg19
  • YoDawg20

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