It doesn’t matter on what or where (whether on the air with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex or computin’ on Twitter, song interludes, etc.) 50 Cent always has something interesting to say. Since first leaving an impressionable mark on the game with his hugely successful debut (Get Rich Or Die Tryin’), hip-hop’s self-proclaimed bad guy has never ceased from making headlines with his fiery word range. From the hilarious comments to the inspiring, and other times just plain offensive, Fif knows how to keep his audience (including the media) entertained. XXL went back and combed through some of 50’s best interviews, onstage rants, song interludes and of course his tweets, to compile this grand list of his 50 Greatest Quotes. You now rockin' with the best.



“These feels never play chess. I remind people how stupid they are before every project and they just bite the bait.LMAO” – @50Cent


“I told you niggas a long time ago soulja boy my little nigga yal better leave him the fuck alone for somebody get hurt”— @50Cent (2010)


“I get all you niggas killed fuck that. I dear [sic] you niggas touch him. Soulja say what ever you wantNiggas aint gone do shit”— @50Cent (2010)


“I think I'm going to have go see the minister and explain to him why I can't let up off you. It's against my religion to let a nigga survive. When you destroy, you destroy completely, bitch.” –“Clap Back Interlude” (2003)


"You work for me; you're a disgruntled employee...for the next four albums!"—“Emotional” (2005)


"Nigga, you ain't Tupac!"— “Realest Killaz” (2003)



“The first time I felt rich was when I had $80,000 inside my house. I saw it as a means to more money.”—Esquire (2009)


"Fat Joe is the worst thing that ever happened to hip-hop. And it hurts, because I love hip-hop." —ThisIs50 Vlog (2009)


"Doc says if I get hit I might get a fucking concussion, well better that than a hole in the head, right nigga?"— “Heat” (2003)


“I can’t believe my grand mothers making me take Out the garbage I’m rich fuck this I’m going him I don’t need this shit”— @50Cent


"Y'all niggas love me. They love me. You know why they love me? They think like me. They feel it. And even after I play basketball, they smell like me." —Cocaine City DVD (2008)


"And that bitch Charli Baltimore, bitch look like she died last week, pale as fuck."—“I Smell Pussy” (2003)

50 Cent Performs At The Palms

"Put Cam on the phone!"—Angie Martinez Hot 97 Interview (2007)


“Nas's boo Kelis is musty, She smells like a Basketball Gym”—(2004)


"Niggas think Jimmy Iovine's my boss. Nigga, FUCK Jimmy Iovine, nigga! I'm from a hundred thirty fourth street, nigga! I AIN'T GOT NO MOTHERFUCKIN BOSS!"—“Southside” (2007)


“You can’t go to war from a fucking island!!”— Shyne Def Jam Conference Call (2010)


“I'ma fuck your life up, for fun."—Video message to Rick Ross on Thisis50 Vlog (2009)


"Rocsi, she said something crazy on a tape. At first, my reaction to it is I should probably tell people who she is for real. She's like a pop, I know like four people she slept with. It's favoritism, when you sit on the [BET] couch because ... like I don't have time to hang out with you and sleep with you to make you like me on the show. That's not how I do things."—Washington DC radio station interview (2008)


“Ay Puffy stop making them muthafuckin’ ‘I miss J.Lo’ records nigga”—“I Need A Girl Pt. 2 (Freestyle)” (2002)


“To describe Puffy in one word is a 'bitch.' Right? Puffy wants to be the hot bitch in the group. You know how you see a hot bitch— I know it sounds kinda harsh but I'll explain my statement. You know how an ugly bitch always has pretty friends? That's how he's built his group. He wants to be the hot bitch in the group. He wants to make sure he gets all the attention.”—DJ Whoo Kid interview (July 2010)


“I’m gonna get rid of Yayo soon, if this nigga don’t make a hit record he’s out of here”—June 2010 concert


“I can multitask man. I fuck a bitch, type on twitter and write a song at the same time. And all of them be a hit! I’m a cold nigga”—@50Cent (August 2010)


"My career wouldn't even exist, I wouldn't even be talking to you if it wasn't for Em. It's amazing that later in your life you could find someone that means so much to the comfort in your actual life. My grandparents were that for me before Em." —Carson Daly 2012


“My grandma pregnant again trying to talk her out of keeping it”— @50Cent (August 2010)


“My first album was the highest-selling LP of 2003 That album sold something like 1.14 million in four days. Jay-Z‘s last album sold something like 1.6 total. Kanye works for Jay-Z. Kanye is a worker b. He’s never been able to generate a fraction of the interest that I have.”—Rolling Stone, September 2007


“I'd rather get caught with a gun than without one"—Playboy 2004

50 Cent in Jamaica #18

"In my camp, a couple hundred thousand records is a failure. From my perspective, if I sell 200,000 copies, after selling 12 million records, it's considered terrible...But if you're on a major record label, and he [Ghostface] is, and you sell a couple hundred thousand records, that was a failure. Your fuckin' photos and videos aren't recouped with 200,000 copies sold."—SPIN, July 2007


“I just looked at kanye page what the fuck kind a spaced out tweets are those. fuck that I aint never looking at that shit again”—@50Cent (2010)


“This boy got a get outta jail FREE card. Don’t get emotional over your lady. It a get you in some sh*t you don’t want to be in”—@50Cent (November 2011)


“I said I don’t have a problem with hanging out with women who like women because I like women who like women and we have something in common.”—Howard Stern, 2004

50 cent-1

“Don’t wassup me you sucka, I should black your eye. Tell them how you was on my tour bus in 2003 you punk and you created a area where everybody could try to hate on me. You know you a punk Q!”—Angie Martinez on Hot 97 (2011)


“That's when I realized that as long as you don't broadcast your beefs, you can get away cold with murder. It's even better if you don't allow the beef to take place. If someone disrespects you, you can know in your heard that you're going to get him, but you don't have to show him there's a beef. You can just look at it like, Okay, this nigga must not know. And then you fall back and you put it down.” ― From Pieces to Weight: Once Upon a Time in Southside Queens


“Always have bail money”— Esquire, Jan. 2010


When I got shot, it was a $5,000 exchange. The price of a life is cheap.— Esquire, Jan. 2010


I don't necessarily view death as something negative. Death gives meaning to life. Living in fear of death is living in denial. Actually, it's not really living at all, because there is no life without death. It's two sides of the one. You can't pick up one side and say, "I'm just going to use the 'heads' side." No. It doesn't work like that. You have to pick up both sides because nothing is promised to anyone in this world besides death.”— From Pieces to Weight: Once Upon a Time in Southside Queens


I have an issue with anyone who's trying to keep someone who I deem my enemy in a good position. Where I'm from, if you have an issue with one guy and someone keeps standing next to them, just hit him too.—Complex, Oct. 2009


“For me, there was no Plan B. I absolutely had to be a success in music. The only thing positive in my life was music.”—SPIN, Jul. 2007

50 cent

"You should either pray or worry—don't do both. If you pray and then worry, how do you think that makes God feel?"—Oprah Interview (2012)

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“I'd like to be remembered as a great artist. As an artist you're greater in your absence than in your presence. They liked Michael Jackson more the week after he passed away than the week before. Maybe they'll like me more when I'm gone.”—The Guardian, December 2009


“[Supreme’s] not my father. I can’t stand that nigga. There are other things there, but he know that I didn’t think… I wasn’t accusing him of fuckin’ killing my mother. That’s the way they make the character darker”—XXL, September 2006


“They was supposed to fuck with me. The old heads in my hood. Why? Because they know I’m authentic. I’m actually from the same fuckin’ cloth. Everything that’s fucked up about me comes from these muthafuckas. The behavior.”— XXL, September 2006


“They keep saying, ‘Aw, man, I want the old 50!’ ’Cause those people, it would take them on a safari. I was bringing them close enough to the animals, without being able to get hurt.” —XXL, Dec/Jan 2012


“I might sign Ja Rule when he’s done at Murder Inc. After I destroy him, I’ll rebuild him”—XXL, March 2005


“Ja—me and him have differences. He makes records that are good enough to sell some records. The only reason that I’d speak about him on a record is because he’s an artist—a pop artist. I would personally whoop his ass if he’d like. We could squash this right now and go out back and shoot the fair one.”—XXL, March 2003


I’m responding to the actions of others. I’m not actually starting it. In their interviews, they say, ‘Fuck 50,’ off the record. But they won’t say it to my face. And the difference between them and me is, I don’t have a problem saying ‘Fuck them’ in front of them.—XXL, March 2005


“A fact ladies and gentleman 0.66% of today tweets over 400k have my name in it. I think its cause I’m the shit! you be the judge”—@50Cent (August 2010)


“[KOCH] is an artist's graveyard”—Angie Martinez Hot 97 Interview (2007)

50 Cent In Concert

“Paris got cought with some cocaine last night Man that bitch been sniffin’ that yola [sic]”—@50Cent (2010)