All talks of his feud with Gucci Mane aside, Waka Flocka Flame is still making moves. He was in New York City this week for a round of interviews, where he spoke on everything from his next album Flockavelli 2 to two more mixtapes coming this summer. But, the most intriguing information was Waka sharing his affection for hip-hop’s girl-of-the-moment, Miley Cyrus.

During his sitdown with Pigeons & Planes, the BSM leader opened up about his crush on Miley. There are a couple of gems here, like him wanting to do a record with her. He also shared his thoughts on Miley’s viral twerking video, and even gets surprised about hearing her engagement with an Australian actor. Read an excerpt below and check out the full interview over here.

Okay, now I want to ask you about Miley Cyrus.
Yeah, she’s fucking sexy.

Yeah she is. You like her new haircut? I love her haircut.
I like her haircut.

Okay so have you guys met? What’s going on? Are you on her album?
I’m not going to lie, I bummed a guest seat from Russell Simmons to go to her party. I got like a real slick crush on her. I went to the party, she didn’t even know it. I walked right by here, she didn’t even know it. As soon as she walked in the door I walked right fucking by her, she didn’t even know. I didn’t say shit. I haven’t met her in real life. I will introduce myself. I want to get a record with her. I got a sick, sick, sick record. Let me see if I got it. I got something I’d like to write for her, give her a feel for it just to write. [Plays song] I already got my verse for it, I created the song, it’s called “Shots.” I got to pitch it, damn she might want to do it for her album! That’d be awesome. I’m going to do a record with her guaranteed. We’re gonna take steps.

What about that video of her twerking? It was like all over the Internet…
Man, that shit is so sexy. It’s like, it’s not slutty, it’s not raunchy. Her body is fully covered, that’s what made it so sexy. Like what the fuck is behind the bunny suit? [Interviewer clarifies that Miley said it’s a unicorn suit] Unicorn suit! What the fuck is behind the unicorn suit? You know what I’m saying? It’s just cute.

She’s engaged though you know.
Word? To who?

Liam Hemsworth, he’s an Australian actor. I don’t know. Rumors are saying they’re breaking up, but they’ve been together for a long time.
Oh. Man. I didn’t even know that.

[via P&P]