The 30 Oddest Photos of Odd Future

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    Since the Odd Future crew came into the spotlight three years ago, they've always maintained their distinct level of weirdness - never taking themselves too seriously, and definitely never acquiescing to the whims of mainstream media. They've ascended to an incredible level of global success, each of them with a unique approach to fame and notoriety. One thing that remains consistent is their self-portrayal, and that's easy to see when looking through the oddest images captured of the gang throughout the last few years. Click through this gallery to see the weirdest photos of OF, including stills from music videos, press photos, and pictures from live shows. Also, check back on our site later today for a guide to the 15 Best Odd Future songs. 
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    On Friday, the NY Times' unofficial hip-hop source Jon Caramanica reviewed Tyler, The Creator's Wolf and discussed the young rapper's potential path moving forward. Though you can read the review of the album on our site, here's a breakdown of what we learned from the Times piece.  
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  • ~Nicole Naeemah~

    I cant with them…lol…im going to listen to my favorite…goldie…

  • BKBelle

    What I like about them is that, even if you aren’t into the music, you can’t deny that they’re likable.