“Ya’ll seen that XXL with the Free Max B cover right?” French Montana asked the crowd at his sold-out SOBs show on Monday night. This question set the mood for Montana’s show, where the majority of the night was focused on the lock up of Max B, who is the Harlem rapper currently serving a 75-year prison sentence on multiple charges. In addition to paying homage to Max B, Montana’s show was filled with special guests and a bunch of cuts off his unstoppable Mac & Cheese 3.

Since the drop of Mac & Cheese 3 in November, Montana has been ruling the airwaves with his own singles and the countless tracks he’s been featured on. The show, which is part of Hot 97 and MetroPCS's "5 Boro Takeover Tour", didn’t disappoint. Fans sang along to every word and joined Montana in every “Haaaaaaan!” he shouted to the crowd.

As the audience entered, Hot 97 radio host Funkmaster Flex put on a classic DJ set for an hour, but fans became agitated by the end of it. They demanded Montana and chanted his name until he finally came on stage.

Dressed in a simple black beanie and hoodie, Montana told the crowd: “If y’all ready to turn up and make some mothafuckin’ noise say, ‘Haaaaaan!’ If you high in this motherfucker make some noise! Let’s do something for all the high niggas in the building.” He then launched into “Mula,” “Wild Boy (Remix),” “Actin’ Up,” “Hold Me Back (Remix)” and “Racked Up Shawty.”

During the hour and a half long set Montana brought out a few surprise guests. First was DJ Khaled, who literally jumped on stage and broke into “All I Do Is Win.” The crowd went wild as Khaled and Montana congratulated each other on their successes this year. Following Khaled, Montana’s rumored girlfriend Trina joined him by spitting her verse on “Tic Toc.” She stayed on stage after her verse and poured champagne with Montana while he performed with Chinx Drugz.

After giving a moment of respect to Max B, which Montana did many times during the night, he brought out three more special guests. Wyclef Jean came on stage and ripped right into a freestyle. The crowd went crazy and lost their minds after Wyclef starting freestyling, and then proceeded to rhyme in Spanish.

“Who knew this nigga knew Spanish?” screamed a patron from the crowd. After a shared laugh among the audience, Wyclef and Montana brought out Yo Gotti and Busta Rhymes.

Dressed in a tie-dye tight crewneck T-shirt, Busta performed his “Look At Me Now” verse and had the audience quiet down as he congratulated Montana. “This nigga’s album release is Biggie Smalls’ birthday! He is the first New York nigga ever to have an album release on Biggie Smalls’ birthday! Make some noise for this nigga!” Busta shouted into the audience, as he sipped his champagne and embraced Montana.

Before closing the show with “Pop That,” which is Montana’s biggest hit to date, he stopped the show in order to Instagram the audience. Girls proceeded to get on the shoulders of their friends, while guys piled on top of each other in order to make it into the photo.

Montana kept the energy high the whole time, and closed the show by telling the audience to pick up his debut album, Excuse My French, on May 21st. As the lights dimmed, he had the audience walk out of the venue to Max B tracks.

Montana’s show was one to remember. After the upcoming release of his album, his Coke Boy movement will continue to gain hype and dominate as his star grows.—Anastasia Williams