Listen to Snippets of Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II”


In anticipation of his upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II, Lil Wayne has given his fans a small preview of the album in full. Songs such as “No Worries,” Love Me,” and Rich As F**k” have supported its release on March 26. Hear tracks from Soulja Boy, Gunplay, Soulja Boy, as well as a return to his rap-rock venture in “God Bless Amerika,” “Hello” and “Hot Revolver.” Listen below.

2. Curtains (Feat. Boo)
3. Days And Days (Feat 2. Chainz)
4. Gunwalk (Feat. Gudda Gudda)
5. No Worries (Feat. Detail)
6. Back To You
7. Trigger Finger (Feat. Soulja Boy)
8. Beat The Shit (Feat. Gunplay)
9. Rich As Fuck (Feat. 2 Chainz)
10. Trippy (Feat. Juicy J)
11. Bitches Love Me (Feat. Drake & Future)
12. Romance
13. God Bless Amerika
14. Wowzers
15. Hello
16. Lay It Down (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
17. Hot Revolver (Feat. Dre)
18. My Homies Still (Feat. Big Sean)

[via Miss Info]

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  • IpOp

    So sad what Lil Wayne has become

    • Sam

      i agree so sad this is awful no creativity great beats but wasted smh i used to love lil wayne but then i found k- rino ,nas,2pac,hopsin and im fine :)

      • Jorge J Munoz

        Wait, you just found 2 pac? what world are you living in?

  • sami

    Lil wayne was better when he was dropping those carter albums

    • Brandon Edward IV

      Carter and Carter 2. Carter 3 was awful save for like 2 songs. It’s been all garbage since Lollipop.

  • ghreeb

    dont judage the book by its cover

  • jukejukemusic

    i used to be the biggest lil wayne fan but hes fried, his relevancy is sizzleing. trust me i know what rappers are gonna be hot before they blow up, from j.cole to mac miller to kendrick lamar and an-soul, and ive been following CHANCE THE RAPPER since #10day, trust me XXL. hes next, throw em on your cover

  • jukejukemusic

    wow man this kinda depressed me, but chances new video #GOODASSINTRO brought me back!

  • Bunn

    Pure garbage

  • Real

    Wayne keeps putting out lazy stuff and people keep buying it whats his motivation to do any better?

  • Dre

    I dont care who doesnt like it but wayne is fucking boring. His beats are the only thing that keeps people entertained now. He raps about the same thing over and over. The reason i even checked these snippets is i was giving him a benefit of a doubt of making maybe another album like carter 3. Also i think he puts out to many mixtapes and ended up playing himself out.