Ghostface Killah: “Let Me Make A Wu-Tang Album”


Ghostface Killah weighs in on the possible Wu-Tang Clan reunion and says he wants to take charge of the project.

In a recent exclusive interview with XXL, Ghostdeini discussed the possibility of the Wu reuniting for a final album. He explained that he was unsatisfied with the outcome of the group’s last effort 8 Diagrams because he knows the Clan’s potential exceeds that of the album’s quality.

8 Diagrams, I couldn’t stand it ‘cause I know us, and then I know my man [RZA] even more,” he says. “I’m like, ‘Yo, how could you give our fucking people that?’ Now you had people that said, ‘Oh no, I liked it.’ That might be the ‘yes men’ niggas. You know what I mean? Or it’s a miss or something ‘cause I know how we can be. These motherfuckers wanted the skits. They wanted to feel like they at home with us. They wanna feel like, ‘Y’all didn’t hear this in a long time. What y’all got now?’”

Ghost also said that he feels that the Wu needs to return to sampling in order to provide the best possible sound for the fans, something that RZA opposed with the last LP. While he maintains his love for his partner-in-rhyme, he says RZA may need to take a backseat role if it guarantees the album will meet its expectations.

“I saw him give other niggas fly samples from Nas to Busta Rhymes. Busta Rhymes sent me some shit, I said, ‘Yo, where you get this from?’” he explained. “I went to RZA. I told him I wanted this box right here. He gave us some fly shit’…pay for the sample RZA. Pay for the sample. So what they gonna take this and things, but the people want that from us right now. Pay for the fucking sample. RZA’s my brotha for life. That’s my brother-in-law. I got babies by his fucking sister. But what I’m hearing, I’m not saying I’m the best, but I’m consistent about my shit. So what you gon’ roll with? The nigga that’s being consistent or – even though he taught me a lot of shit but it’s like is your shit still – the way y’all been making these cakes for the past 30 years. Entenmann’s. Are y’all still making those kind of cakes? Or Little Debbie’s is coming up blowin’. C’mon man, that’s not that crumb cake, nigga.”

He added, “Let me make a Wu-Tang album. Let me make one Wu-Tang album. Let me make one.”

Interview Conducted By Jaeki Cho (@JaekiCho)

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  • D. Rose in the paint

    i been saying this shit since early 2000s that Ghost should exec produce ALL Wu projects…After Supreme Clientele I knew he had the best ear for that sound.

  • BrianRaider

    Yes Ghost Has A Point And He Is Very Consistent. But I Think 8 Diagrams Wasn’t Bad But Like Ghost Says Its Not What They Are Capable Of. But That Life Changes Was Very Special For ODB I Love That Track! But The Moral Of The Story Is… If This Will Be A Wu Final Album… Go Out With A Blast!!! I Would Say Let Rza Do 85% Because Tru Master & Mathematics Got Heat Too. Or Roll With Some Dilla Production Too If They Can. The Wu Is Golden And I Know They Fa Sho Still Got It. The Proof In That Pudding Was The Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 Joint Damn Rae Merc’d That Shit With Different Producers On Tap!(Dilla!) But Lord Knows Im Rootin For These Guys! I Grew Up On Them And As The Late Great ODB Said… The Wu Is For The Children!

    • Cornelius1911

      I think Tru Master may be locked up, but you’re right, a couple of tracks from him and Math would work perfect with an album predominately produced by RZA.

  • hootiehoo

    everything ghost said is on point, samplin and all that shit. we just want that boom bamp shit again!! bonggggggg

  • TonyBosley

    Ghostface has made impeccable solo albums throughout his career. His albums are classic or near classic with minimal missteps along the way. He is by far the most consistent Member of the Wu-Tang Clan. What do they have to loose? Give Big Ghost a shot. He doesn’t disapoint.

    • Cornelius1911

      He’s definitely the most consistent artist in the clan. That being said, I’d love to hear a Wu album with the original charter members completely produced by RZA using samples.

  • homieloc

    ghost speaks the truth. AND his catalog is the best in the wu. let the man work!

  • GONZ

    This is so true, Ghost has had many successful albums. I think if they let ghost handle this one beside The Rza, this album would definitely be, one of the best ever. Sampling definitely needs to be brought back to the clan. Its part of any good Wu Tang album foundation, aside from the rhymes which, lets face it, we’ll all know they will bring the heat.

  • GONZ

    I meant to say Every Wu Tang Album

  • vholmes822

    They shld let dj premier do a couple songs if they do another album

    • Cornelius1911

      Primo’s nice, but he would bring the wrong vibe. The clan need to take it back to their roots.

      • vholmes822

        It wld b hard to recreate a early wu tang sound..they need a different production than what rza tries to do..if not primo then who?

        • GUMSHIP

          Love Primo. But cornelius right.

  • @BafflerMeal

    Listen to Frank Duke’ production on his songs on The Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack, and Madlib’s production for his Inspectah Deck/Raekwon mash-up and tell me those two couldn’t produce a Wu-sounding album.

    • @BafflerMeal


  • Cornelius1911

    talk about an articulate brother…