Bandanna’s cocked to the side, pink Range Rovers and an IDGAF attitude, accompanying ill rhymes, banging beats and tons of swagger established the collective known as The Diplomats in the early 2000s. In true diplomatic fashion, Dipset moved like they were above the law. Like the hip-hop equivalent to wrestling’s nWo (New World Order), the Harlem bad boys ushered in a new-rap-order. Their dense catalog of powerful music provided a backdrop for a movement that was well, more than music.

Whether it was their lethal diss records, classic freestyles, infamous radio interviews or blatant disregard for the establishment, The Diplomats were responsible for many unforgettable moments in the game. With today (March 25) marking the 10-year anniversary for Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones and Freekey Zeekey's debut, Diplomatic Immunity, XXL highlights Dipset's 15 Most Notorious Moments.—Compiled by Ralph Bristout, Kai Acevedo, with additional reporting by Dan Buyanovsky