The Come Up: Slice 9

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On the strip club culture of Atlanta:

The strip club world is a whole different market in a way. It’s raw, it’s uncut, and it’s really a way for artists here to showcase their talent. They can’t make it on the radio, they can’t make it on TV. They don’t really have the connections to make it to the outlets that they need. But the strip club is where you come in, spend money, get your song played, and however the girls react to the song on stage, it’ll show you whether you got a hit or not. When you keep getting the record played over and over, people are gonna talk about it. The strip club is the first place records are really broken in Atlanta. So if it’s hot in the strip club now, by the time it’s on the radio, it’s probably old to the people at the club. All the big songs that made it here probably started in the strip club. I’ve seen it myself for years. I’ve been around the scene since I was a youngin.

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