Lord Jamar Releases a Homophobic Diss Track Aimed at Kanye West


Lord Jamar, a member of the historic hip-hop group Brand Nubian, just pulled this diss track out of nowhere. The rapper aims plenty of lines at Kanye West and specifically throwing shots at the fact he wore a skirt during one of his performances. And that’s not all—Jamar is claiming he isn’t calling West gay. Well, we will let you be the judge of that. Listen below.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BOSSDAMU Silk E. Smoov

    (kanye’s suspect)2 time’s selling his soul for success and wearing a dress/fuck that nigga(Kanye)

  • chef goon

    He still richer than jamars hating ass. fuck this shit is weak anyways haha.

  • Real

    Jamar Wack plus he stole Cam’ron’s flow ….Next

    • greg d

      Um you know that Lord Jamar was making records when Cam’ron was still in junior high, right?

  • R.N.S.

    Lord Jamar is right 1/2 a fag, new niggaz look up brandnubian

  • Donknottz

    So now he’s a homophobe as well as a racist, good to see he’s evolving so much.


    He had the balls to say what most of us feel.. everyone else scared the liberal media is going to attack them.. I GOT HIS BACK 100% … if you all got kanyes back then put a fuckin skirt on bitches!!!

    • Oisin Gilmore

      It’s the ” liberal media” that has been saving your ass from the rest of the US you dumb nigger.