Lil Wayne Argues With Cameraman At Celebrity Football Game, Must Be Restrained [Video/Photo]


Lil Wayne got into an altercation with a cameraman following Saturday’s DirectTV Celebrity Beach Bowl in New Orleans. Things don’t seem to have gotten physical, but from the pictures and brief video of the incident, there was a lot of finger pointing and angry words let out on Birdman Jr’s behalf. Wayne was eventually restrained by Hall of Fame quaterback Warren Moon before things could get out of hand. Check out the footage that was caught of the incident, below.



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  • Chron Dick

    lil wayne woulda got his ass mauled lolz

    • s dot

      Lool he sure woulda lmao

  • S.Dot

    Lol lil wayne is a pussy i woulda broke dat little finger lil bitchh..

  • Killa Cam

    Do sumin little bitch! he touched u and u jus runnin yo mouf? thats sum bitch nigga shit right there

  • Codyy

    Fuck lil Wayne he has no fucking class! And that has nothing to so with being a rapper just no class…..period

  • ASH

    That op should have swinged that fuckin steadicam up in little Waynes pussy!

  • Traune

    Every Last one of you know damn well yall cant say that shit to his face so shut the fuck up and get stuffed pussies