Lil Poopy’s Father Being Probed for Child Neglect


Lil Poopy, who is the 9-year-old rapper part of French Montana’s Coke Boyz, drew some controversy for his adult-themed videos. In them, he is flaunting guns, slapping groupies, throwing money, and more involving sexual themes and drug references. It has caught the attention of Massachusetts’s child welfare authorities that are looking to investigate Poopy’s father.

The Brockton, Massachusetts’s police authorities contacted the state’s child welfare agency who says the investigation is now open. If you remember, Lil Poopy was the one who coined the phrase, “coke is not a bad word.”

According to a report by the Daily Beast, Poopy’s father Luis Rivera argues that his son isn’t doing anything wrong. “He’s just singing hooks,” he said.

Stay tuned for more information as the investigation develops.

[via CNN and Daily Beast]

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  • Ross S


  • LeanBombProphet

    seriously -.- if he isn’t really doing it who cares it’s all music white people need to be investigated for child neglect you white folk don’t take care of your kids

    • Camilo Parada

      why do you want to start a race thing and throw it on white people? EVERYONE OF EVERY RACE should be investigated for child neglect.

    • uberpwnage

      the fuck you talking bout white people dont take care of their kids? its not only white people you ignorant fuck

    • I am also black

      That’s racist you black asshole.

    • marvin

      at least we dont name our kids after fecal matter….and call each other niggers

  • shakedown2099

    who cares? let the kid have his fuckin fame and leave his father alone…

  • ciaran

    LOL. Everyone fighting about race. Shut the fuck up you morons. Fact is everyone of every race has it’s bad. Now calm the fuck down. Take the dick out of your ass and relax. Damn.

  • James R. Salguero


  • doody

    ud never find a white person naming their kid poopy…

  • anon

    Only in Brockton. I know his father a little and from what I’ve seen his father’s a douchebag. In one of the videos, they’re rolling a blunt and smoking it with him right there. He also looks high himself. Yeah I smoke, but I’d never smoke around my children. WTF is wrong with this world and specifically this city?

  • BigAng

    The problem that I see here is not about race, its about the fact that a 9 year old boy is portraying a grown ass man with guns, girls, and drugs. Regardless of whether or not the kid is actually doing it or not, he is being brought around it, which is bad enough. People are quick to make money off of their kids that they’re missing the big picture. Now, after being exposed to this life, you mean to tell me this kid is going to want to get a degree and get a career? Yea, right…