Pharrell Williams is suing Diageo North America over poor marketing and distributing strategies for the rapper/producer's Q Qream brand of liquor.

In the report by AllHipHop, Williams’ company Pharrell Williams PW Licensing LLC filed the lawsuit in Manhattan federal court last week. It claims that Diageo failed to distribute and produce the liquor accordingly.

The lawsuit also claims in July 2012 that Diageo notified Williams that they would be closing down the Q Qream business after two years of promoting the brand.

Williams wanted Q Qream to be a high-end drink marketed towards women. That wasn’t the case as he claims the sales were lower than usual because it was marketed as a drink for the clubs.

Lastly, the lawsuit states that Diageo manufactured faulty Q Qream bottles that were off-putting for bartenders and consumers.

Props AllHipHop