Chief Keef Allegedly Facing Jail Time Over Move to Upscale Neighborhood

Chief Keef is already set to appear in court on January 28 for his probation violation case involving a police officer. Now, the Chicago rapper will appear in court today for another separate violation.

Keef recently made a move to a more upscale neighborhood called Northbrook with his uncle. The problem stems from Keef not telling his probation officer of his change of address. According to police sources, Keef has been ordered back in court for an alleged probation violation.

Despite the legal troubles Keef has faced this past year, he released his Interscope debut, Finally Rich. It moved more than 50,000 copies its first week.

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UPDATE: Chicago Tribune reports that Keef appeared in front of a Cook County judge today. They ruled that there wasn’t “any credible evidence” that the South Side rapper moved from his Dolton home. This means that Keef will remain free.

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  • InaG

    they are obssessed w this kid. keef fetish. everyone from rappers to courts. keep ya head up, kiddo!

  • D. Rose in the paint

    At this point its clear that the City of Chicago is jealous of this kid, they are mad that he escaped their grips and made something out of his life. Chicago is such a corrupt and racist place, they will fuck this kids life over out of spite, jealousy, and hatred. His best bet is to do what they say until his probation is over and flee Chicago and never look back. Fuck being in Northbrook…move to another state.

  • Caleb Cox

    free chief keef!

  • Gregg Luongo

    Probation Officers can check on anybody at anytime they want to!!!

  • Supskis

    i don’t care if he gets arrested or not, someone just needs to take the mic out of his hands and slap him. I could make better music sticking a microphone up my asshole.

  • KeefinCheefin

    D. Rose in the paint, I’m sorry but that’s just ignorant. For one Chief Keef doesn’t even live in Chicago, he got exiled by local gangs. He lives in Northbrook which is technically in Chicago but it’s not in the city. If he were ever to step foot in his old neighborhood he’d be killed so fast. He murdered Lil JoJo and no one will rest until Chief Keef gets punishment for it… He’s gonna die.