Mr. MFN eXquire has kept a low profile since dropping his first EP after signing a deal with Universal Republic, Power & Passion—until now. In a few weeks, the BK spitter is dropping a compilation mixtape, from his crew The Passion, called The Passion Tape Vol. 1: VivaLaPassion. The first leak is the awesomely titled "Dom Perignon at the Days Inn," a balance of grit and grandeur featuring eX doing his thing with a fluid delivery.

But eXquire is also making noise off the mic. A couple weeks ago, he spoke out about Trinidad James after the Atlanta MC's New York debut at Santos Party House on December 4. Never one to bite his tongue, eX sent a string of tweets about James stealing his style. "I lost all respect for Trinidad James tonight," he wrote. "I wish him the best tho...from the heart. How a nigga steal your whole style, then try to act like he made it up?!?!? I wish that nigga the best cause he black like me, but I don't have no respect for him. I'm not dissing nobody…just speaking my mind cuz that's what real niggas do." Here, he clears the air about his feelings toward Trinidad, and also speaks on The Passion Tape, his next solo project, and being the first rapper to pose naked on a mixtape. —Eric Diep (@E_Diep)

XXL: Let's get this out of the way while we have you here: What's up with you and Trinidad James?

Mr. MFN eXquire: Okay, listen, listen, listen. I don't have no beef with Trinidad James to answer your question. It ain't a whole thing. It ain't nothing that serious. You know what I am saying? I got mad love. I don't respect him, but it's not like I got beef with him. It's not that. I listen to his music. I know the words to all his songs. I go to his shows and shit. It's nothing like that. You know what I am saying? It's really not like that. I'm not the type that would beef with another rapper. I'm just the type that doesn't bite my tongue. And it's not even like I didn't meet him and spoke to him. I didn't have a problem with him until I met him, so it was nothing. I still don't have a problem with him. I don't want to say that. I was just disappointed when I met him. That's all it was.

But you were saying on Twitter that he bit your style.

I didn't think that though! That's the funny part about it. You see, the thing about it is, the real shit behind it is, I still don't think that. I don't really care. Everybody was saying it and once I met him, he was acting like a little bitch, hiding behind security like he was scared of niggas. We just came to his show to say hi to him. I was like, "You know what? You are not a real nigga. Since you are not a real nigga, I am just gonna let people say what they want to say about you." When people told me that before, I personally don't feel like that nigga look like me or he has a style that's even like me. I don't really personally care, but it was like, Fuck it, I'll let niggas say what they want. Before I told niggas like, "Nah, I don't think so." But now I'm like, "Y'all want to diss him? Go ahead. Diss him. Fuck it." Me personally though, Exquire Anthony Allison, I don't have any issues with that man. I could see that man tomorrow and drink liquor with him and we could fuck hoes. It ain't nothing. I don't have any problem with nobody. I'm not like that. I'm not violent. I don't like beef and ignorance and black-on-black crime. I'm not into that.

How do you feel about his Def Jam deal?

That's what up. I mean, I'm happy for him. He's like me. He's from poverty and he wants to make something out of himself. So why would I want him not to? [Laughs] That's stupid.

Are you a fan of "All Gold Everything"?

Yeah, I fuck with it. Me and my girl be in the crib singing that shit. Right, baby? "Don't believe me just watch!" C'mon.

Let's talk about The Passion Tape Vol. 1: VivaLaPassion. Why did you name the first leak "Dom Perignon at the Days Inn"?

I don't know. I just wanted something cool to say at my shows, so that groupies will want to come back to the hotel. If we're staying at the Days Inn, I can just be like, "Yo—we got Don Perignon," and they'll be like, "Oh—that's like the song!' And they'll come. Honestly, I just made that song just rapping. I really never wrote any rhymes this year, so that was just me buggin' out in the studio like, aight, let me just put it out there, because I never put songs out like that. But yeah—that was one where I just decided to rap and have a little fun on it. I don't really write rhymes like that—I've probably only written like 10 rhymes this year, and its December, right?