Styles P has been claiming he’s the hardest out for some time now, and the Yonkers MC has been putting in the work and rhymes to back up that belief. With his latest project, out today, he pulls no punches, as he lets fans and fellow rappers know what it is right in the title: The World’s Most Hardest MC Project. On the album’s “Intro,” the Lox member posits, “I don’t always disintegrate rappers, but when I do, I prefer hard bars.” We prefer them, too. Here are The 20 Hardest Lines on Styles P’s The World’s Most Hardest MC Project.

“Shoot my brains out, shoot my heart out/Catch me at the Juice Bar, pouring a little bark out” —"Araab Styles"


What's harder than shooting and then doing your body right with some fresh juice?

“I take face shots, you can put the vest aside” —"Araab Styles"


Y'all think he scared?

“You a fixable problem, kill him in Yonkers and dump the body in Harlem” —"Araab Styles"


The Ghost puts his problem-solving skills to the test.

“Ridin’ out again, I said, ‘Fuck ’em all’/Shoot a nigga first, watch the sucka fall” —“I Know”


No fleeing the scene here.


“A pawn could kill a king, but a king could kill a pawn, too/Pray to God that you do what you’re born to” —“Like That”


SP also stands for Street Philosopher, it seems.

“Fuck boy grimey shit is what you get deaded for/Talkin’ to the pigs is what you get beheaded for” —“Like That”


If you don't know, now you know.

“I ain’t stoppin’ for the cops ’cause the weed stank/Got some work and a gun in the glove” —“Empire State High”

Styles P Black Sheep Clothing

Eff the law.

“This ain’t somethin’ for the radio/This is for the niggas like me that’s lettin’ the .380 go” —“Pop Out”


Music for the streets.

“If Satan waitin’, I try to kill him/No debatin’, hatin’, I want all of my niggas elevatin’” —“Pop Out”


If SP can't go against Satan, then who can?

“Yeah, a bullet might—but a missile won’t miss you” —“Pop Out”


Whatever it takes.

“I will lay a nigga down with the fo’/Or any caliber gun that’s in my hands/Defend my land or defend my mans” —“Pop Out”


Styles will ride for his.

“Old rapper, new rapper/Get smoked like a Dutchie in a blue rapper” —“Hoody Season”


Y'all ain't shit.

“Listen more than you talk, but fuck what a sucka say” —“Hoody Season”

Screen Shot 2012-06-05 at 10.05.21 AM

More wisdom from the Yonkers MC.

“Like I’m sittin’ on a tier with years left ahead/Too much pain, but I ain’t got a tear left to shed” —“Monopolizing”


Not much harder than getting in touch with your emotional side.

“Gs love me ’cause I rap but they know I’m a shooter/Bitches love me, they said I could seduce Medusa” —“Shooter”


Rap is only a side hustle.

“Whatever’s in the safe in your house/You think about, when the tape’s on your mouth” —“Shooter”


Here's some food for thought.

"So I hopped in a truck, yo/Burning on a dutch, yo/I know I shouldn't do it, but I don't give a fuck, though" —"Murda Mommy"


Do what you gotta do.

"They hit, she hit, I'm good, some G shit/Left with the cash and the coke, SP shit" —"Murda Mommy"