Rick Ross has shown his affinity for Jewish culture on more than one occasion. Last week, however, he outdid himself, when he announced his new mixtape (set to drop later today), The Black Bar Mitzvah. Details on the project are scarce and the minds of the XXL Staff couldn’t help but wonder just how far Rozay will take his Jewish inclinations. Below is our dream tracklisting for The Black Bar Mitzvah. Anything less than this won’t be kosher. —XXL Staff

1. The Conversion (DJ Drama Intro)
2. Niggas in Haifa (featuring Drake)
3. Rabbi Rozay
4. No More Crustaceans
5. Manischewitz Tears featuring John Legend
6. The Sauna Interlude (Featuring Lyor Cohen & Barry Weiss)
7. Louis Vuitton Tallis
8. Tefillin Don
9. Tattoo Removal
10. Diced Gefilte Fish
11. The Peace Treaty featuring DJ Khaled
12. Rite of Passage (DJ Drama Outro)
13. BONUS Hava Nagila (MMG Remix) featuring Wale, Meek Mill, & Stalley