“Opposites Attract (Tomorrow Without Her” featuring Javonte, Overly Dedicated (2010)


She needs me. Women. Gotta know Kendrick Lamar have topics about women, in general. Whether it’s negative, whether it’s positive—’cause it’s reality.

“Ronald Reagan Era,” Section.80 (2011)

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I love “Ronald Reagan Era.” Streets—just streets in general. I can’t be Compton if I don’t represent the streets and where I come from, so I put that in my music.

“Keisha’s Song (Her Pain)” featuring Ashtro Bot, Section.80 (2011)

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You definitely have to hear “Keisha’s Song” if you haven’t heard my music. That song really just shows how far in depth that I go with talking about different topics. Not just myself, but other people’s experiences around me. I want people to feel that. I definitely want you to hear that song.

“Look Out For Detox” (2010)

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Raps. Just raps. Freestyle. Showing that ability.

“Michael Jordan,” Overly Dedicated (2010)

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Michael Jordan is just me having fun. I like records like that, because I can just go in the booth and have fun and freestyle. Yeah, [I freestyled that]. That was extra, extra easy.

“Faith” ft. Punch and BJ the Chicago Kid, Kendrick Lamar EP (2009)

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That’s one of my favorite records, too. I think that record really represents me and who I am and where I was at then. That represents spirituality in my music. Really just about me as a person, fighting temptation, and the evils in the world. I put a lot of that in my music; I make a lot of references to that. That’s something I don’t wanna hide.

“HiiiPoWer,” Section.80 (2011)

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Produced by J. Cole. I like that record. You listen to that record, you’ll understand that I speak from a perspective where I wanna learn—I know a little bit, I wanna learn, and I know you wanna learn, too, so help me. That’s what that record represents.

“The Heart Pt. 2,” Overly Dedicated (2010)

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The Heart Pt. 2 is dope. That right there expresses my anger about certain things. Vulnerability, as well. And storytelling about where I come from and who I am as a person and what I believe in.

“P&P” featuring Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar EP (2009)

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The essence of vulnerability and struggle, as far as where I come from. And it’s a feel good record. That record is real diverse because you never know what it’s capable of doing. You might feel like getting drunk to it, or might feel like just relating to it. And I think that’s really the beginning of me storytelling in that manner.

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