Gunplay Says 50 Cent Was Involved in Fight

Although Gunplay gave an account of the incident he was involved in at the BET Hip-Hop Awards early Monday morning (October 1), he spoke on it again later in the day, and claimed that 50 Cent was indeed at the scene.

“Yeah, but he was hiding behind security,” the Maybach Music Group rapper told TMZ. “I couldn’t get to him, tryna break his little fuckin’ neck.”

Fif has yet to speak on the incident.

When Gunplay was asked if he should consider changing his name, the Miami rapper made no apologies. “If you’re playin’ with me, you might get gunned down, you never know,” he said, before toning down the rhetoric just a bit. “For the record, I didn’t shoot nobody. I just tried to snap a little twerp neck. That’s all.” —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)

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    say what you say about 50 hiding behind security and his reluctance to get in this fight… don’t forget that the man trains w/ mayweather. 50 would send this rick ross groupie to his grave with just his hands. lets be real

  • mAw

    this basehead can’t be serious! I’m not a 50 fan but 50 would destroy dude in a fight. Go youtube Gunplay knocked out to see his ass sleepin on the concrete. LoL!


  • õttõ õyõ

    yo gunplay really wasnt totally honest, as you can see in the video there were no security, mike knox is a big muthafucka so its possible he thought he was the security, and yea, 50 would destroy him in a 1 on 1 ,

  • Neyo Duel

    Hey Yo 50 got only a couple hits in it, Gunplay got his azz kicked by 4 or 5 different niggas. thats what happenes when u fight against 5 niggas by your self. he lucky he still breathin god damn it. HE shoulda busted his gun i guess….

  • DaEmph

    Fif would FUCK THIS SKINNY NIGGA UP!! But come on….why would Fif waste his time with getting in trouble with this coke-head nigga for?
    It anit about being scared, but if I had bank like Fif, why would I fuck things up by getting into trouble?