Today's a good day to be a Jay-Z fan, and an even better day to be from Brooklyn. As previously mentioned, Brooklyn Net's minority owner and rap heavyweight Jay-Z will christen the newly built Barclays Center in Brooklyn with his first of eight concert performances tonight (September 28). While many are eagerly awaiting to flock into the arena to watch the God MC in action, expectations are high for what tricks he has up his sleeves. Who'll be the surprise guests? What songs will he be performing? Will Brooklyn Nets' owner Mikhail Prokhorov actually rap? These are all the questions many are pondering. With that in mind, XXL took some time to predict a few things that could potentially take place for Jay's string of Barclays performances. Brooklyn!...—Ralph Bristout (@XXLRalph)

Kicks Off Show With "A Dream"


Just imagine, the lights are off in the sold out arena. The countdown clock strikes at ':00' and out of no where the blaring intro to Jay's Blueprint 2 rings aloud throughout the venue. Bringing Brooklyn it's own arena and NBA franchise was a dream for many, certainly for Hov as well. The record would be the perfect opener to an historic night. After all, it really was just a dream.

Memphis Bleek Performing His Hits

Screen shot 2012-09-28 at 4.38.00 PM

This isn't a show at Madison Square Garden so, Bleek doesn't only perform as Jay's hypeman. The guy's from Brooklyn too, Marcy Projects to be exact. This is a big moment for him as it is a moment for Jay and everyone else in attendance. Would be nice to see Bleek peruse through the several bangers off his catalog. Don't front like you wouldn't care, or even get hyped, to hear "Memph Bleek" bellow through some massive speakers. Don't even get us started on "My Mind Right."

Jay-Z Brings Out M.O.P. for "U Don't Know (Remix)"

Screen shot 2012-09-28 at 4.39.22 PM

Yup, Hovi's home! We've seen "U Don't Know" performed a number of times but, because this go-around is in Brooklyn, we wouldn't be mad at Jigga bringing in Brownsville's finest to stomp through with their gully verses to the Just Blaze produced cut. Hopefully Fame doesn't face the crowd and piss off stage.

The Originators Reunion

Screen shot 2012-09-28 at 4.46.40 PM

The likelihood of this taking place is rare but, hey it's Brooklyn.

B.I.G. Hologram

Screen shot 2012-09-28 at 4.44.12 PM

After Snoop and Dr. Dre pulled it off with 2Pac this past spring at Coachella, many are anticipating Hov to do the same and bring out a hologram version of the late Notorious B.I.G. What better place to do this than, well you guessed it. Brooklyn! If it does happen, let's hope to get a "Brooklyn's Finest" back-and-forth performance as well as a rendition of "Hypnotize." Then to close his performance, B.I.G. could voice that famous acceptance, "Brooklyn We Did It!"