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MTV's Video Music Awards is in full swing and just like every year, there's always something obscure that makes headlines. Earlier in the night, host Kevin Hart delivered an hilarious opener that soon followed with the cameras panning to the audience which showed Weezy listening to a pair of bright red Beats By Dr. Dre headphones. Now it's not clear if Tunechi was exactly listening to music but, many have already been flocking to Twitter jot down ideas of what he could be listening to. So with that said, what could he be rocking out to? An audio stream of the Democratic Convention? Chief Keef? The possibilities are endless. Check out some of our suggestions.—XXL



Pretty obvious here.

Riff Raff's Sway in the Morning Freestyle


Clinton's DNC Speech From the Night Before

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While Nicki may side with Republican Mitt Romney, Weezy could be catching up on former president, Bill Clinton and his speech last night (September 5) at the Democratic National Convention.

Punk Music He Can Skate To

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Lil B, The Based God

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Lil B, The Based God

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Rosetta Stone's 'How To Speak Spanish' Tape

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One Direction’s “More Than This”


The pop group are not only one of the hottest acts in mainstream, they also will be making their VMA debut tonight. It's only right that Tunechi catch up on what's hot in these bubbly streets.

NPR's Diane Rehm Show


Soothing Sounds of Nature

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"The 50 Shades of Grey" Audiobook

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Listening to G.O.O.D. Music's "Clique"

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Birdman's Careless World and Take Care Interludes

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Birdman arguably makes some of the best interludes and Wayne is just probably catching up on the big homey's shit talking.

Future's Infectious "Turn On the Lights"

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A Looped MP3 of Drake's laugh.

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The Faint Sound of Birdman Rubbing His Hands Together


Beethoven, Debussy, and Bach.

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If all else fails there’s the classical music G.O.A.Ts Beethoven, Claude Debussy and Johann Bach.

Nothing, He's Just Flaunting

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