Which Rapper Would Make The Best American Idol Judge?

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  • Pharrell
    Occupation: Rapper/Producer/Designer<br />Age: 39<br />Albums: 1 solo album, 4 group albums<br />Grammy Awards: 3 wins, 7 other nominations as a solo artist <br />Side Hustles: Runs I Am Other label, as well as a clothing line<br />Artists Ushered into the Mainstream: Kelis, Clipse<br />Style of Judge: Extremely focused and tuned-in, with constructive critiques that display an actual knowledge of musical theory<br />Potential Critique: "Your pitch became a bit flat towards the middle there, but your voice is something the world needs to hear."
  • nicki minaj
    Nicki Minaj
    Occupation: Rapper<br />Age: 29<br />Albums: 2<br />Grammy Awards: 4 nominations<br />Side Hustles: Soon-to-be released fragrance<br />Artists Ushered into the Mainstream: None<br />Style of Judge: Generally sweet, with the occasionally borderline foul facial reaction<br />Potential Critique: "I wish I could have this moment for life. You just took my breath away!"
  • diddy
    Occupation: Rapper/Producer/Mogul<br />Age: 42<br />Albums: 6<br />Grammy Awards: 3 wins, 6 other nominations<br />Side Hustles: Ciroc, Clothing, general moguldom <br />Artists Ushered into the Mainstream: The Notorious B.I.G., Lil Kim, Ma$e, The Lox, Da Band, French Montana, Machine Gun Kelly<br />Style of Judge: Hyper-critical with a consistent sprinkle of comedy<br />Potential Critique: "Would you walk to Brooklyn to make it to the next round?...What's that?...Yeah, I know we're filming this in L.A. You heard my question, though..."
  • kanye west
    Kanye West
    Occupation: Rapper/Producer<br />Age: 35<br />Albums: 5 solo, 1 group <br />Grammy Awards: 18 wins, 25 other nominations<br />Side Hustles: Designer, Director<br />Artists Ushered into the Mainstream: John Legend, Big Sean, Kid Cudi<br />Style of Judge: Brutally honest, occasionally inarticulate <br />Potential Critique: *Interrupts mid-perfomance* "I'ma let you finish, but I'd really rather you don't. This is painful."
  • kanye west nicki minaj
    Which Rapper Would Make <em>The Best American Idol</em> Judge?
    Over the last few weeks, a number of rumors have hit the 'net surrounding which artists may fill open slots at the <em>American Idol</em> judges' table. A handful of rappers have been thrown into the mix and are reportedly listening to pitches from the hit show. XXLMag.com decided to match those names—Kanye West, Nick Minaj, Diddy and Pharrell—head-to-head to see which hip-hop star would make the best judge.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/stanleynky Code Honor

    I would rather see Diddy than Nicki Minaj or Kanye West Their egos too big for me. Diddy is Humble, although flashy. I see him being a better fit. Plus he did competition judging shows before like “making of the Band” which was a hit for 3 seasons on MTV

  • http://twitter.com/iGoldustMiyagi Prudential

    Diddy and Pharrel would made good judges because they obviously kknow talent when they see it and they’ve helped a lot of people become famous and create classic albums. Kanye is talented but America doesn’t wanna hear him on tv every week and he’s really not very charasmatic

  • riinlove


  • lewis

    ice cube

  • DJ Spinarama

    Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, hell even Teddy Riley would be better…why get somebody who doesn’t know R&B/Pop or hasn’t produced a solid R&B/Pop album? The competition is about singing, voice & soul….as much as i love hip-hop, Both Kanye & Nicki would ctry to take over the show & make it extra lame

  • Aaron Davis

    why Nicki Minaj is even offered a shot is beyond me but than again all of these judges on these talent/singing shows dnt have a credit background in that particular career…Diddy on this show wud be hilarious.If any1 seen MTB, u know Diddy can be harsh at times. Him & Ye wud be enough for me to watch.

  • http://twitter.com/JMoskers Josh

    Pharrell would be the best fit, seeing as how he has worked with tons of artists, and isn’t specific to just one genre