Occupation: Rapper/Producer/Designer
Age: 39
Albums: 1 solo album, 4 group albums
Grammy Awards: 3 wins, 7 other nominations as a solo artist
Side Hustles: Runs I Am Other label, as well as a clothing line
Artists Ushered into the Mainstream: Kelis, Clipse
Style of Judge: Extremely focused and tuned-in, with constructive critiques that display an actual knowledge of musical theory
Potential Critique: "Your pitch became a bit flat towards the middle there, but your voice is something the world needs to hear."

Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj

Occupation: Rapper
Age: 29
Albums: 2
Grammy Awards: 4 nominations
Side Hustles: Soon-to-be released fragrance
Artists Ushered into the Mainstream: None
Style of Judge: Generally sweet, with the occasionally borderline foul facial reaction
Potential Critique: "I wish I could have this moment for life. You just took my breath away!"



Occupation: Rapper/Producer/Mogul
Age: 42
Albums: 6
Grammy Awards: 3 wins, 6 other nominations
Side Hustles: Ciroc, Clothing, general moguldom
Artists Ushered into the Mainstream: The Notorious B.I.G., Lil Kim, Ma$e, The Lox, Da Band, French Montana, Machine Gun Kelly
Style of Judge: Hyper-critical with a consistent sprinkle of comedy
Potential Critique: "Would you walk to Brooklyn to make it to the next round?...What's that?...Yeah, I know we're filming this in L.A. You heard my question, though..."

Kanye West

kanye west

Occupation: Rapper/Producer
Age: 35
Albums: 5 solo, 1 group
Grammy Awards: 18 wins, 25 other nominations
Side Hustles: Designer, Director
Artists Ushered into the Mainstream: John Legend, Big Sean, Kid Cudi
Style of Judge: Brutally honest, occasionally inarticulate
Potential Critique: *Interrupts mid-perfomance* "I'ma let you finish, but I'd really rather you don't. This is painful."

Which Rapper Would Make The Best American Idol Judge?

kanye west nicki minaj

Over the last few weeks, a number of rumors have hit the 'net surrounding which artists may fill open slots at the American Idol judges' table. A handful of rappers have been thrown into the mix and are reportedly listening to pitches from the hit show. decided to match those names—Kanye West, Nick Minaj, Diddy and Pharrell—head-to-head to see which hip-hop star would make the best judge.