Queens Bridge rap legend, and one of rap’s most esteemed lyricists, Nas gas become hotly debated subject. It all started when filmmaker and writer, Dream Hampton tweeted the following message last night:

“I think Jay writes what he believes. Nas’ “Nigger” album was largely written by Stic of dead prez and Jay Electronica @JustAire”

The tweet was in response to one of Hampton's followers asking her if the Jigga Man would ever record an album like Nas' Untitled, formerly titled, Nigger.

The comments quickly spread online—causing Nas die-hards to cry foul. The query further escalated when popular blog Rappers I Know (rappersiknow.com) featured an anecdotal piece by designer Frank William, recollecting a conversation he had with friend Jay Electronica.

“But then I got a call from Jay telling me that he was ghost writing for Nas,” the reflective story claimed. “I took that call from Jay down the hallway from HOT 97′s on-air studio overlooking Hudson St, 7 floors below me. Rap kind of died for me that day.”

The blog post stirred up debates throughout social media networks, and both fans and critics have been questioning the legitimacy of the statements made by Dream Hampton and Frank William.

Before its release, the discussed album, Untitled, was reportedly to be produced entirely by Jay Electronica and stic.man, two rappers/producers who have contributed to the album, and who “wrote” many songs on the Untitled album.

While, Frank William suggests that the intro track from Untitled, “Queens Get the Money,” was written by Jay Electronica, he has denied that he had actually heard reference tapes by Jay Electronica for Nas. But then Dream Hampton added: “@fwmj you only got a phone call. I heard reference tapes for like, 6 songs. I shed thug tears too. He’s a Virgo, and one of my faves.”

A week prior to the discussion occurred on Twitter, Nas has appeared on Big Boy’s Neighborhood of Power 106, addressing the question on whether he has ever used a ghostwriter. To the question raised by the popular radio host, Nas answered, “No,” and added, “You know who are my ghostwriters? My friends, people I meet on the streets, things I read. I hear people say something, and I get something from that.”

Neither Jay Electronica, nor stic.man have publicly stated they have ghostwritten for Nas. Whether the Queens Bridge rapper has ever used a ghostwriter is still under speculation by fans and media outlets. Nas has not responded as of press time.