What: “Sexual Eruption” Music Video
When: 2007
Why? Only Snoop could pull off the auto-tune, the wardrobe and crooning lyrics like, “If ya dont know right know, doggy-dog is a freak, freak, freak!”


What: GGN: Double G Hood News
When: 2011 - Present
Why? Likely tired of being pestered by newscasters like Bill O’Reilly, Snoop took control and made his own news outlet.


What: "Knee High Park" Skit, Chappelle's Show
When: 2004
Why? As a puppet with a venereal disease, Snoop schools a group of children on safe sex and somehow gets away with exposing his puppet member to a 12-year-old white girl on national television. Chuuuch!


What: WWE Raw Appearance
When: 2009
Why? A big fan of wrestling, Snoop was the epitome of cool when he stepped in the ring with Chavo Guerro and puts him to sleep.


What: Nardwuar’s First Interview
When: 2000
Why? Believe it or not, it was big Snoop Dogg that gave the goofy Canadian journalist his big break in hip-hop. In 2000, Nardwuar patented his quirky interview style by giving Snoop a rare Red Foxx doll as a gift and hasn't stopped since.


What: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
When: 2009
Why? It was Regis Philbin who was in the hot seat when Snoop appeared on the classic trivia show and was so cool that it seemed like he was the host.


What: Comedy Central’s Roast of Donald Trump
When: 2011
Why? Few MCs are relaxed enough to have a sense of humor, but Snoop has one of the best. His wit and charm were on full display as he threw shots at the hotel mogul and his fellow roasters.


What: Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle
When: 2001
Why? Only Snoop could team up with Hustler mogul Larry Flynt for this tape, which mixes hardcore porn with music videos.


What: Snoop Dogg bakes brownies with Martha Stewart
When: 2009
Why: The Doggfather requests to bake "green" brownies with Martha Stewart.