Beat Bully Talks Producing "Stay Schemin'" & "So Sophisticated for Rick Ross, "House Party" for Meek Mill

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Beat Bully, the 21-year-old producer from Chester, Pennsylvania, has produced some of the biggest rap singles of the year. Rick Ross’s popular “So Sophisticated” off God Forgives, I Don’t, “Stay Schemin’” from Rozay’s acclaimed mixtape Rick Forever, and “House Party” on the Philly rap star Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers have all been birthed by the young beatsmith’s Fruity Loops. Now, under the guidance of OG New Orleans’ producer Kenoe, YMCMB’s Mack Maine, and various A&Rs including MMG’s Spiff TV, Beat Bully—not to be confused with the Atlanta-based production duo The Beat Bullies—looks to elevate his career to a higher plateau. XXL spoke with the quickly developing beatsmith on his relationship with older brother Jahlil Beats, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and his upcoming collaborations with Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled. —Jaeki Cho (@JaekiCho)

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Coming from a Musical Family:

Coming from a Musical Family

Beat Bully: My pop was like a [jazz] music producer back in the day. When I was about 12 and my brother Jahlil Beats was like 14, he brought this program around. He was like, “Oh, I got this program. I used to make beats on it and stuff.” So he gave it to us and that’s when we started messing around with it.

Actually, he didn’t teach us anything, but he just gave us the program—my cousin Lamont, he makes beats as well, he him and Jahlil actually taught me. Jahlil was just starting too but they taught me the basics. So I really learned on my own, just messing with the programs. It took awhile though, about four years to actually get good at it.

Having Jahlil Beats as an Older Brother:

Jahlil Beats_As a Brother

Beat Bully: I ain’t trying to compete, but he definitely doing his thing. He always looks out. He always tells me what’s up. What to look out for and the decisions I make, he be trying to help me out in the business.

It be crazy ‘cause when we be listening to the radio, they play a joint I produced, and then right after that, they play something he produced.

Why’s He Called Beat Bully?

Why Is He Called the Beat Bully

Beat Bully: I heard [The Beat Bullies] did beats for Chamilionaire? I really wasn’t thinking about us having similar names. But it did get my name mixed up in a couple of stuff. People used to just say I bullied the beats, so I put Beat Bully together.

Meek Mill & “House Party”:

Meek Mill & House Party

Beat Bully: I started taking [producing] seriously in 2009. People were saying I was nice at it and I could go somewhere. I wasn’t really getting anywhere, [until] my brother Jahlil had linked with Meek Mill back in ’08 and he put me in the studio with Meek. It was a track with Lou Williams and Meek called “I Want It All.” That was like my real first track I ever did that was professionally recorded and stuff, and then the second record was “House Party.”

I was hype to be working—‘cause Meek was doing his thing at the time. I ain’t really have no good rappers rapping on my beats—I had rappers, but they wasn’t buzzing or nothing. But Meek was that guy that—he was doing his thing so I was happy he was on my beat at the time.

I actually sent him the “House Party” beat and he played it—he had recorded to it, then he played it to me through Skype. That’s how I heard it. So I ain’t really hear the track until the mixtape came out in its full form. I did “Middle of Da Summer,” “I’m Me” record and the “Intro.”

No artist was really looking for my beats ‘cause nobody really knew my stuff, so everybody was basically emailing me after that came out, trying to get in touch with me for beats.

Rick Ross & “So Sophisticated”:

So Sophisticated

Beat Bully: I’m cool with the homie Spiff TV. He asked me to send a beat, and he got it placed. Around the time “House Party” was doing well on the radio, I had followed him on Twitter and told him I did the “House Party” record. He followed me back and we just linked from there.

Upcoming Record with DJ Khaled:

Linking with DJ Khaled

Beat Bully: I got a record on his new album, it’s called “For My Dogs.” It’s French Montana—it’s like the new “Stay Schemin’,” you’ll hear it. But it’s got French Montana, Ross, and Meek Mill on there so far. They’re supposed to be getting Lil Wayne on there.


Producing “Stay Schemin’”:

Stay Schemin

Beat Bully: Spiff TV, the director, actually [linked] that as well. That was incredible. [When] I heard that Drake and French Montana was going to be on it, that’s the hypest I’ve ever been. I didn’t even know about the record. Jahlil was texting Meek, and Meek said that Drake, Ross and French shot a video to my beat and did a song. I guess it was supposed to be like a surprise. So, when I found out, I was like, “Wow.” It was incredible though. That’s a classic record. That was just like a regular beat I had made; I was thinking like, “Nobody will ever pick that beat.” I just sent it off. They just like that beat. I didn’t like really like that beat at all. The beats that I don’t like that everybody is picking, like the artists. “House Party,” “So Sophisticated” none of them, but it do bang.